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The Bilateral Chamber will continue to provide our members with relevant, timely information to help you navigate through these unprecedented times. During this time of global crisis and the war on the COVID-19 pandemic, global healthcare professionals continue to demonstrate heroic and selfless acts on a daily basis.

These incredible people and the acts they perform are not new. In the global healthcare industry, they occur each day throughout the world. To these magnificent professionals, it is just part of their job, but to us, it demonstrates the best of us.

We believe it is important to recognize these heroes for their tireless acts of bravery, selflessness, humility, and contribution to our global society. This newsletter will focus on these incredible people and the well-deserved recognition that they are receiving throughout the world.

If you have any questions or would like to share helpful resources, please feel free to contact us at

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

April 18, 2020 live coronavirus map
Taken as of April 18th, 2020 @10:00 AM CST.

To view the live update of the COVID-19 Global Cases, Click here.

GLOBAL World Landmarks Lit Up to Honour COVID-19 Front-Line Workers - In Pictures
Pyramid Message ​The Ministry of antiquities lights up the pyramids in an expression of support for health workers battling the coronavirus outbreak in Giza, Egypt.

CNN: Honoring Healthcare Heroes on Front Line of Coronavirus
As the novel coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, global health workers have become key soldiers on the front line of this crisis. Heroic Acts of Nurses and Midwives During the COVID-19 Pandemic​
March 24 2020 Live coronavirus Map
Nurses everywhere are facing upheaval battles that deserve our upmost respect. Nurses are often the first medical personnel to treat patients suffering from the virus and continuously exposed to it. Even with the looming threat of exposure, these nurses continued to assist patients to the best of their ability.
More nurses around the world are becoming infected and we need to show our support for these unwavering heroes.

UN News: COVID-19 Highlights Nurses’ Vulnerability as Backbone to Health Services Worldwide
“Today, we are more deeply grateful than ever to all of you, as you work, round the clock, putting yourselves at risk, to fight the ravages of this pandemic”, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, addressing “the nurses, midwives, technicians, paramedics, pharmacists, doctors, drivers, cleaners, administrators and many others - who work, day and night to keep us safe”. “We have seen unprecedented levels of overwork by nurses, particularly those specialized in intensive care units, those in management or those most directly involved in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, oftentimes without adequate time for rest and recuperation, without support and assistance, with limited considerations for their mental health and wellbeing.”

​Gulf News: COVID-19: Messi Hails Health Workers as ‘Anonymous Heroes’
Messi Barcelona star Lionel Messi has hailed health workers around the world for the work they are doing during the coronavirus pandemic. While sporting action has ground to a halt, health workers have been working non-stop to save the lives of millions across the globe. Student Organization Launches ‘Worldwide Day of Gratitude’ to Honor COVID-19 Heroes
First responders and healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic will be honored on April 30 as part of “Worldwide Day of Gratitude,” a global coming together through the arts organized by the student-run organization, YOUnison.


Youtube: 'Code Sun' NY Hospital Celebrates Patients Recoveries
“Here Comes The Sun” never sounded so good. The heartwarming song from The Beatles is taking on a whole new life in one hospital just outside New York City, where it is being used to celebrate patients who have overcome the coronavirus. Whenever a COVID-19 patient is either discharged from the hospital or has their intubation removed, the chart-topping tune is triggered to play throughout Northern Westchester Hospital.

KHOU 11: Nurses Stay by WWII Navy Vet's Bedside for Final Moments of Fight with COVID-19
With 93-year-old Richard Steubinger's family unable to be by his side because of the virus, two Houston Methodist Hospital nurses made sure they still got to say goodbye.

KHOU 11: Angels in Blue: Nurses Become Family for Patients Dying From COVID-19
When Houston Methodist Hospital in Katy set up a new Highly Infectious Disease Unit to treat coronavirus patients, they asked for volunteers to staff it. Doctors, nurses, and therapists from all over the hospital answered the call, knowing it would be one of the hardest things they would ever do, knowing they were risking their lives.

Youtube: Doctors, Nurses Across US Answer Call for Help in COVID-19 Epicenter, New York
With many health care workers falling ill and fighting exhaustion, nurses and doctors are traveling from around the country or from outside their practice area, to provide aid in New York.

UAB News: Nurses on the Frontlines of Coronavirus Pandemic Find New Ways to Care For Patients, Families
Nurses during COVID-19 outbreak Shelby Roberts, a registered nurse in UAB Hospital at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, recently saw a patient on her medical intensive care unit fighting to live and struggling to do so. So Roberts, one of the nurses who has been caring for the most critically ill COVID-19 patients in UAB Hospital’s
Medical Intensive Care Unit — and dressed head to toe in her personal protective equipment — grabbed her phone.Roberts put the phone in a plastic bag, went into the patient’s room and called the patient’s immediate family. They merged in more family to the call. And then, they sang.

​Time: Healthcare Workers Lift Their Voices in Song With a Tribute to Colleagues Battling COVID-19
Healthcare workers risk their health—and potentially their lives—caring for their patients on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. No one knows their struggles and challenges better than their colleagues, so perhaps there is no one better suited to pay tribute to them. So, that’s what employees at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center did for the colleagues.

Fox 35: Brevard County Nurses Travel to Massachusetts to Help With COVID-19 Outbreak
​Some local nurses have gone to a hot zone to help fight the coronavirus. They’re on the frontlines in the Boston area where there are 5,000 COVID-19 cases. From the day they arrived at Morton Hospital near Boston, these nurses were viewed as warriors.
This team of 15 nurses left Rockledge Regional Medical Center in Brevard County and traveled north last week to care for patients at an all-COVID-19 hospital.

Citypages: Local Campaigns Feed Twin Cities' COVID-19 Medics, ICU Nurses
frontline workers The concept of feeding healthcare workers certainly didn’t start with Lizzo. Nonetheless, when the formerly local rapper donated a clutch of mystery sandwiches to Fairview Minnesota's ER staff, it’s like we could hear Twin Citizens’ necks crack and pop as everyone turned their attention to fueling (not just properly dressing) frontline workers throughout this crisis. Nashville Nurses Create Amazon Wish List to Help COVID-19 Patients in Unique Way
Medical staff at Nashville’s Centennial Medical Center provides extra gifts for patients.

​KTVO: Sam's Club to Offer 'Hero Hours' for Healthcare Workers
"We're proud to help the first responders and healthcare workers to help all of us," Sam's Club wrote Monday in a tweet. "Thank you to the heroes working to take care of America. We're all in this together."


Gulf News: UAE Medical Students Volunteer to Help During COVID-19 Pandemic
UAE Medical students volunteering
Responding to the call of duty in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 26 UAE students belonging to 12 different nationalities have signed up as volunteers at different hospitals and are clocking an eight hour duty that will continue most likely until the end of June or beyond.

The National: Coronavirus: Meet 20 Heroes in UAE's Frontline Fight Against Covid-19
UAE front line workers
Emirati Aysha Al Blooshi is an advanced paramedic and her colleague Marwan Al Mansoori, from Yemen, is an emergency responder. Both work at the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.  

Gulf Times: Qatari Blood Donation to Save Lives, Show Solidarity With Medics
As Qatar successfully continues to ward off the massive spread of Covid-19 and to take care of the infected patients, people from different expatriate communities keep supporting the government in one way or another. A donor said: “These are hard days for the medical practitioners as they are the frontline fighters against the outbreak. Such volunteering activities also provide them some moral support and a sense of solidarity from the society in general. We somehow need to exhibit our support to the doctors and paramedics – our heroes.”

The National: Bridal Store Offers Free Wedding Dresses to Doctors and Nurses in the UAE
'It's hard not to notice their sacrifice'. Healthcare workers currently battling the coronavirus pandemic at hospitals around the world surely have a lot on their mind. Doctors and nurses also trying to plan their wedding, or postpone their big day due to the spread of Covid-19, have even more on their plate. Esposa, a luxury bridalwear store with boutiques in Beirut, Dbayeh and Dubai, has announced it will donate wedding dresses to healthcare workers in both countries who are set to tie the knot this summer. "We owe a huge thank you to all the front liners for their compassionate service during these tough times," Esposa posted on its Instagram page this week.

Albawaba: Egyptian-US Doctor Named 'Hero of The Day' for Working 80-Hour Weeks
The New York Post has selected Nermeen Botros, an Egyptian-American doctor working as the chief medical resident at Brookdale University Hospital’s Medical Center as its “Hero of the Day” for tirelessly working 80 hours a week since the coronavirus crisis began. Botros’s work doesn’t stop even when she gets home, the article says, as she’s on call 24/7 to support the younger residents she oversees. “It’s priceless to see a patient improving,” she said, adding that “Making a difference, a small difference on a daily basis, that’s what really makes me happy and accomplished.”

RepublicWorld: Saudi Doctor Breaks Down As He Can't Hug His Child Amid COVID-19 Scare
In ‘heartbreaking’ video of Saudi doctor breaks down to tears on not being able to hug his child in a bid to practice social distancing amid coronavirus crisis. In this fight with the pandemic, the doctors and other medical officials are being widely praised for their 'selflessness' and battling the disease on the front lines.

AhramOnline: ‘Be a hero’: Egyptians Volunteer to Fight Coronavirus
The call by Egypt’s Health Ministry for volunteers to help fight Covid-19 has met unexpected demand. Under the slogan “Be a Hero”, the CUMSPA called for volunteers from all medical professions. “We received 10,000 applications, just three hours after opening the door for volunteers to register,” the CUMSPA said. At a conference in Cairo on Monday, John Jabbour, the representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Egypt, praised Egyptian doctors and the rest of the medical staff on the front line to combat the new coronavirus. “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the doctors, nursing staff and other health workers on the front lines of combating this pandemic, as they make every effort to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus inside the country despite the challenges,” Jabbour said.

Morocco World News: Marrakech Hotels Offer 1,483 Rooms to COVID-19 Medical Personnel
Classified hotels in the popular tourism city of Marrakech, Morocco decided to offer accommodations to medical staff. Medical personnel are unable to return to their homes during the medical care period to prevent any potential risk of transmitting COVID-19 to their families, or of becoming infected by a family member and transmitting the virus to patients.

Morocco World News: Moroccan Hospital Offers Psychiatric Support to Staff Fighting COVID-19
The psychiatric service of Hassan II University Hospital (CHU) in Fez, Morocco created a unit on April 3 to support medical staff during the coronavirus crisis. The unit will help medical personnel both by phone and in-person to overcome work stress, anxiety, and mood changes associated with sanitary confinement and the pressure of treating coronavirus patients.


BBC News: Coronavirus: 99 Year Old Capt Tom Moore's NHS Fundraiser Hits £15m
99 year old captain tom
A 99-year-old war veteran has walked 100 laps of his garden to raise £15m and counting for the NHS in the UK. Captain Tom Moore originally wanted to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together by completing laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. Capt Tom began raising funds to thank the "magnificent"
NHS staff who helped him with treatment for cancer and a broken hip. Nurses on Ward 4 at the Royal University Hospital said: "Thank you so much for all your efforts and how much money you've raised for the NHS."

ABS CBN News: Babysitters No More, Filipino Nurses in Spain Find Place on COVID-19 Frontlines
Filipino nurses in the UK
Filipino nurses here are ditching their odd jobs to respond to the Spanish government's call to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in one of the worst-hit countries in Europe. Jionisia Rosario was accepted for the first time in a Spanish hospital after working as a babysitter here for 2 years. “I don’t want to miss this job opportunity.
It is also helping our fellow Filipinos and being of service to the society that has embraced me,” said Rosario.

GlobalNation: Piers Morgan Lauds Filipino Nurses in UK as ‘Unsung Heroes’ in COVID-19 Fight
British journalist and television personality Piers Morgan commended the “outstanding care” of Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom battling the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sowetan Live: In their words: Our Heroes on the Covid-19 Front Line
Asanda Ceba headshot
Today we pay tribute to all our health care workers on the front line as the world battles to come to grips with this horrid Covid-19 virus. Asanda Ceba, Livingstone Hospital, South Africa professional nurse in the casualty department.

Business Insider: Mahindra Launches South African Campaign to Honour Heroes During COVID-19 Crisis
Mahindra South Africa has launched a nationwide drive to honour the country’s health workers and others.

Global Citizen: I’m an Emergency Doctor Tackling COVID-19 in Ghana. Here’s What’s Giving Me Hope.
Doctor in Africa Gameli Aheto, 31, is a doctor in Ghana. Since 2016, he has worked at the accident and emergency department of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in the capital city, Accra. We spoke to Aheto to find out more about the response to COVID-19 in Ghana, and how the outbreak has affected himself, his colleagues, and his patients. Coronavirus: 'You're all heroes' - Madrid CFF's Okeke Applauds Nigerian Health Workers
Thanks to health workers who are working very hard to fight the coronavirus in Spain, Nigeria, and the world over and also endanger their lives to save others. You're all heroes. Let’s take the pandemic seriously & stay at home. #Covid19 #StayAtHome #CoronaOut #clapforourcarers


News India: Indian-American Nurses on Frontlines of COVID-19 Patient Care
Street walk message ​When the 28-year old patient was to be intubated because the ventilator was not doing much for him, and his sister was told to leave the ICU, he became uncontrollable. The terror in his eyes as he looked at Marina Bijoy, an Indian-American registered nurse in a Florida hospital, and others caring for him, was stark to behold. 

Business Insider India: Nurses in Raipur Hospital 'Nurse' Baby of COVID-19 Woman
While combating the deadly coronavirus, four nurses of the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) had not envisaged one day they would have to play a role of a mother in the city-based hospital. With the mother and two other family members of a three-month old baby boy infected with coronavirus and undergoing treatment at AIIMS Raipur, the four nurses are now giving motherly care to the infant.

Desiblitz: Indian Nurse Cares for COVID-19 Patients on Her ‘Wedding Day’
nurse cares for patient during wedding day
​An Indian nurse from Himachal Pradesh continued with her duties, caring for Coronavirus patients, on what was supposed to be her wedding day. On what was supposed to be her wedding day, Pooja went to the hospital and took care of the Coronavirus patients.

BBC News: Frontline Heroes of the Coronavirus War
India workers at the front line
Many workers, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, pilots, railway workers and rubbish collectors, are braving grave odds every day. And Indian medical staff are at the forefront of these efforts. Pakistan's Young Doctors Lead COVID-19 Battle
For Dr. Shobha Luxmi, life has completely changed since she was appointed head of an isolation ward for the coronavirus patients at the government-run Dow University of Health Sciences Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. Apart from the risk of contracting the virus from patients, the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are also constantly dealing with a growing sense of anxiety and the exhaustion of their unending shifts. “I have had no time for my only daughter or her studies, my family, or my parents. My daughter has started complaining now; I have not cooked for her for over two weeks.”


VN Express: AIA Creates $1.1 Million Support Package for Covid-19 Frontline Warriors
Wayne Besant, CEO of AIA Vietnam, said: "We are extremely grateful to the thousands of heroes in white-shirts, who fight on the frontline against the epidemic. The sacrifices you make, day and night, risking your own safety, is truly inspirational". "Thank you for your courageous, tireless and selfless acts in providing such essential services to those in need. With this support we would like to express our appreciation to all medical staff, and hope to do our part in fighting against this pandemic." Asia-Pacific Health Workers Risk All to Fight COVID-19
Thousands of health workers across the Asia-Pacific region are risking their lives on the frontlines as they battle the coronavirus pandemic. According to data compiled by Anadolu Agency, at least 3,505 health workers in the region have tested positive for the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, while 789 medical staff are undergoing 14-day self-quarantines after suspected exposure. These Are Your Heartfelt Notes to Healthcare Workers and Frontline Heroes
Apac Healthworkers at the frontline
No other group is more vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic than health workers. In the Philippines and Indonesia, they risk their lives daily to treat patients, while managing their own mental health.To honour these health workers along with other frontline heroes,
VICE asked readers to share photos of their loved ones who are currently fighting against the coronavirus. Below, they talk about the struggles these modern-day heroes face and send them words of encouragement.

Los Angeles Times: An ICU Nurse Sketches the Heroes and Fighters Inside a Coronavirus Isolation Ward
Covid Drawing Oh Young-jun cares for critically ill patients infected with the novel coronavirus in a negative-pressure isolation ward. Oh Young-jun traces the outlines of superheroes. Oh knows these details well. They are images that take shape during the days and nights of his shifts as an ICU nurse at a hospital in Incheon, a South Korean port city about an hour west of Seoul.

The Jakarta Post: 'If not us, who else will do it?': Sweat and Tears of Indonesia's COVID-19 Nurses, Doctors
On a Friday night, several nurses were seen sitting on the floor of an intensive care unit (ICU) in a hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. Near the ICU were the isolation rooms. Breathing behind an N-95 mask inside a hazmat suit for hours is hard but it is their only option as it is they who spend the most time with patients suffering from the highly contagious coronavirus disease COVID-19.

PAHO: PAHO Director Calls for Protection of Health Workers
Latin American nurses ​Warning that cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have doubled in a week in the Region of the Americas, Pan American Health Organization Director Carissa F. Etienne today urged countries to take measures that protect health care workers. Noting that today,
April 7 is World Health Day, Etienne said this is “a time to acknowledge and celebrate doctors, nurses, midwives and the many other people working to keep our communities healthy. Their health workers deserve our recognition, our praise and our gratitude. Above all, they deserve to be able to protect themselves while they do their jobs.”

American University Radio: Hospital Heroes Illuminate ‘Christ The Redeemer’ As Part Of Coronavirus Tribute
Brazil statue
The Christ the Redeemer statue towered over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in a doctor’s white coat on Easter Sunday, as a tribute to health care workers who put themselves at risk every day to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. The striking scene included messages of thanks in many languages, along with images of nurses and doctors smiling in protective gear.

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