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Upcoming Training

Open Access Week, 2020

Open Access Week provided five days of great talks on a range of topics, leading off with Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty talking about how publishing has shaped his career. Other talks on a broad range of topics included a panel discussion on Indigenous voices, indigenous research and open access, and the following


Griffith academics speak

Four Griffith academics were interviewed about research discoverability and global reach. See more about the week's activities at the Australian Open Access Strategy Group's website.

What's New

Spotlight on ... 50 Years of Griffith

As Griffith University approaches the 50-year anniversary of its founding, its story continues to be preserved through images, artefacts and personal stories. Materials from the archive are regularly showcased as online exhibitions.

Past exhibitions include this one on the changing face of Orientation Week at Griffith, background on the tenure of our fourth Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian O'Connor, and the latest to go online, about Griffith's first female academic, Ortrun Zuber Skerritt, who was a pioneer of action learning.

Michael Banks, the Griffith Archive Officer, explains what the Griffith Archive is, and what it does in this recent Q&A. You can also explore the Griffith Archive for yourself.

Hot Topics

Upcoming webinar: the need for a national strategy on open research

Despite a number of worthy individual initiatives aiming to foster open research, no overarching national strategy exists. The Council of Australian University Librarians and the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group are convening a number of webinars to explore how such a national strategy might be developed. The first webinar in a series will take place on Thursday, 12 November, 2020, from 4-5pm AEST. Register to attend the webinar.

Griffith Review two-for-one offer

Subscribe to Griffith Review before 31 December, 2020, and you will receive a free subscription to give as a present to a friend, colleague or family member. You will also go into a draw for prizes. Find out more.

Library team's win for innovation in teaching

The Library's Academic Engagement Services (AES) Team were Highly Commended in the Excellence in Enhancing Teaching category in the Vice Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Professional and Support Staff Service. AES comprises the Library's Learning and Teaching and Researcher Services support teams who delivered a slew of online workshops in an interactive, innovative and inclusive manner. Read more.

Top Tip

Password managers such as the Griffith-recommended LastPass help protect you against hacking and identity theft. LastPass can store multiple, complex passwords, and works across your devices. If you install the LastPass browser add-on, using LastPass is not only as convenient as storing passwords in your browser, but is fully secure. Matched sites will access your encrypted credentials, making log ins faster and easier. Find out more about LastPass.

What you might have missed on the blog

  • Making research reproducible

    If Open Access Week has inspired you to try to make your research more open and reproducible, take some tips from us on how to get started. eResearch Services and staff from the Library have put together a self-paced version of their popular Nine Reproducible Things workshop. Read more about what is available.

  • Get your work on GRO

    When asked about using GRO to showcase her research, Professor Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Director of the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, said: "I'm not interested in doing research to gather dust somewhere in a library that no-one can access or read. A very effective channel available to you at Griffith is our institutional repository Griffith Research Online (GRO). A digital archive, GRO increases the impact and influence of Griffith research and scholarship by making it discoverable online. Read how to make GRO work for you. Our Library Connect blog also has tips about creating a profile.

  • The latest Griffith Review podcast

    Tune into the podcast for Griffith Review 69: The European Exchange, which explores the deep and complex relationships between Europe and Australia, and how Australians of many backgrounds have contributed to a longstanding dialogue that enriches both continents. Find it here.
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