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6 March 2017 

Travel Managers Worldwide Respond to ACTE Survey On Second US Travel Ban

6 March — The worldwide membership of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives is again voicing their opinions to another US travel ban. According to ACTE Executive Director Greeley Koch, the membership has been asked if the ban will restrict travel to the US or rekindle traveller fears of getting locked out of the country and separated from their families.

The second ACTE survey goes beyond the issue of reduced travel to the United States and asks the question: Does a repetitive ban issue threaten ongoing trade with the US? 

“ACTE was seriously concerned that the dignity of business travellers was being compromised by the first travel ban, which also undercut the value of a US visa as a travel document,” said Koch. “The new travel ban, issued today, has a ten-day implementation period and is not supposed to affect anyone holding a visa valid on January 27, 2017, nor legal resident green-card holders. We’ll see how this one is implemented.”

Just back from an ACTE event in Singapore, Koch stated that some travel managers are still reporting traveller concerns with getting into the United States. “I was surprised to learn that a general suspension of the last ban didn’t halt the confusion, at least temporarily. Many others acknowledged that the visa process for other countries can be pretty restrictive, but the general opinion is that the last attempt at a US travel ban was a real eye-opener for many who’ve been doing business here for years.”

In today’s survey, ACTE members were asked: 

  1. Are you familiar with the provisions of this new US travel ban?
  2. Will the provisions of the new US travel ban pose travel difficulties for your company?
  3. Have the recent developments of the US travel ban caused your company to rethink conducting business with the US?
  4. Has your company recently cancelled meetings in the US for locations abroad?
  5. Have your travellers reported delays or harassment crossing the US border since the last ban was implemented?
  6. For companies with US-based travellers: Has the previous ban or the new announcement heightened your threat awareness when traveling abroad?

The ACTE survey was launched to business travel managers worldwide on Monday, March 6, 2017, with initial results expected in 24 hours.

About ACTE: 
The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has a 29-year reputation for pioneering educational and technological advances that make business travel productive, cost-effective and straightforward. ACTE initiatives drive change in corporate KPIs, technology, and travel policy philosophy, all while improving conditions for business travellers and increasing corporate revenue.

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