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 Depicting ADHD
It's a Story of Community

Depiction Suggestions

ADHD is a community issue -- everyone is involved: teachers, parents, counselors and social workers; the immediate family is not alone in dealing with this issue.

-- Parents may often feel solely responsible for creating an environment where their child can excel. It is important to portray and emphasize the need for a multifaceted team that should be involved when dealing with ADHD, including the child’s teacher, ADHD coach, and physician. All of these people will help patients and parents to successfully manage symptoms and provide the patient with tools for success now and throughout life.

-- Teachers or parents may wrongfully attribute a child’s ADHD symptoms to a passing phase or “acting out” and not seek the professional help that the child needs, thereby delaying screening, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. Attempt to show the detrimental effects this may have on a child who has ADHD and the larger challenges that the individual and the family could face as a result of postponing treatment.

-- Attempt to portray a character’s management of ADHD as being positively supplemented by teachers, counselors, and social workers. Show that everyone can be made aware of how to help a child successfully manage ADHD. For example, parents and teachers can be trained in behavioral and classroom management in order to facilitate a more suitable environment for children living with ADHD.

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Adam Levine, Lead Singer
Maroon 5


Check out Adam Levine in his PSA for Own Your ADHD promoting awareness of ADHD in Adults!

Profile On:
Andrés Torres
Major League Baseball Player

Born and raised in Western Puerto Rico Andrés "Yungo" Torres was spotted by a Major League Scout when he was 17. 

In short order, Andrés received a scholarship to play at Miami-Dade College and was later drafted to play professional baseball.  After a series of flirtations with one-or two-day appearances in the Major Leagues, Andrés still found himself playing in the minor leagues.  In 2002, Andrés was diagnosed with ADHD but did not seek treatment until 2009.  In 2010, he won a World Series as the starting outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, and his teammates and managers awarded him the Willie Mac Award for most inspirational player.

Andrés was a featured panelist at EIC’s ADHD First Draft Creative Briefing in October 2011 at the Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles.  Andrés continues promoting awareness about ADHD through a documentary titled “Gigante.” Check out a clip from this inspirational film here!

Managing ADHD

In children and teens, ADHD is best treated and managed using a multimodal approach, meaning one that involves multiple forms of treatment, often including:

• Educating parents and caretakers about how to best support the child;

• Strategic behavior management techniques;

• An appropriate educational program, given the child’s symptoms and level of development;

• An increased awareness and understanding of ADHD among patients, teachers, parents, and peers;

• Medication, when deemed necessary by a physician; and

•Positive reinforcement and consistency, particularly through schedules and routines.

Multimodal treatment is also most effective for adults and should be implemented with the help of a treatment team. This team generally includes the adult patient, an ADHD coach, physician and other medical professionals, as well as the spouse/partner and immediate family members.
        Additional Resources

Children and Adults with ADHD
.org -  provides a forum for continuing education and is a community resource that disseminates accurate, evidence-based information about ADHD to parents, educators, adults, professionals, and the media.

National Alliance on Mental Health
-  is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness and offers resources on how to manage ADHD in adulthood.

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