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NICHQ News - August 2013
August 2013 Will Boardman, son of NICHQ’s Emma Smizik
When Did Breastfeeding Become a Choice?

NICHQ is recognizing National Breastfeeding Month with special features, a new video, an infographic and more, including a leadership message by NICHQ Project Director and Perinatal Content Lead Jennifer Ustianov, RN, BSN, IBCLC. Ustianov calls for healthcare professionals to share knowledge and influence to increase breastfeeding rates.

Jennifer Ustianov
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In Other News

VIDEO: Fruit and Veggie Rx Program, brainchild of NICHQ’s Shikha Anand, expands. more>>

REPORT: CDC report shows breastfeeding rates rising and features two hospitals in NICHQ’s national breastfeeding project.

WEBINAR: Join ATN/AIR-P Aug. 26 at 3 p.m. ET to learn about sleep education for parents of children with autism.

RESOURCE: New AHRQ guide provides hospitals practical tools to improve patient and family engagement.

NICHQ Board Member Steve Kairys named NJ Pediatrician of the Year.

NICHQ faculty Lori Feldman-Winter helps clarify the connection between breastfeeding and risk of obesity in this
Time article. more>>

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- Breastfeeding
- Infant Health Outcomes
- Medical Home
- Newborn Hearing
- Obesity
- Sickle Cell Disease

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Don’t Cry as Pacifiers Go Bye-Bye

Hospitals around the country are purging pacifiers as they work toward creating environments that better support breastfeeding. Read how two hospitals were able to successfully toss the artificial teats.

Mother breastfeeding baby
Nevada Sees Improved Hearing Screening of Infants

A hearing screening effort in Nevada is paying off: more babies are accounted for through the work of a team in the Improving Hearing Screening and Intervention Systems (IHSIS) program.

Infant having a hearing screening
Insomnia Treatment Plan Helps Daughter with Autism

Nights are more peaceful in the Belleza-Binns household now that Mia, 7, is sleeping continuously in her own bed. Learn about an insomnia treatment plan for children with autism.

Luz Belleza-Binns and her daughter Mia
NICHQ Takes On Two New Projects

Two new projects has NICHQ furthering its mission of bettering children’s health and healthcare through quality improvement. The projects seek to reduce early childhood caries (tooth decay) and lower childhood obesity rates in early care and education programs.

Announcing two new projects
Why I Participate: By Parent Partner Olga Cappas

A mother partner in NICHQ’s medical home project explains her role and path to advocacy to improve healthcare for children with and without special needs. (Also available in Spanish.)

Olga Cappas
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