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NICHQ News - May 2015
Will You Rise to the NICHQ/Huffington Post Challenge?
Huffington Post Next 10NICHQ is thrilled to be selected as a member of The Huffington Post's "The Next 10" campaign with eyes on reducing infant mortality over the next 10 years. Please help us not only raise money, but spread awareness! There is no more important time to be telling the world about NICHQ's work to make sure all children reach their first birthday (and beyond).

A First Response to Safe Sleep Habits
Nancy MaruyamaThousands of infants die each year in unsafe sleep conditions. Sadly, the majority of sleep related deaths are preventable. One innovative and successful approach to reduce these tragic events is to train law enforcement, fire rescue squads and other first responders to educate families about safe sleep habits.

How to Cope with Change Fatigue
QI Tips Change FatigueWhether imposed or chosen, frequent change efforts can sometimes lead to change fatigue. To keep your change initiative moving forward, it’s important to know the symptoms of fatigue and the best strategies for addressing it.

Why I Participate: By Parent Partner Lilia Rodriguez
Lilia RodriguezWith our fourth child, there were concerns due to some medical conditions and my age that my ability to breastfeed might be hindered. I was told we would have to wait and see how the delivery went: "You may require a scheduled C-section." The first thought that raced through my mind was: I want to be alert to breastfeed my baby.

Video: Saving Babies Through Innovation
Infant Mortality CoIIN VideoHear success stories and strategies to reduce infant mortality and eliminate racial disparities in this second video from the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) to Reduce Infant Mortality.

Last Call for Registrants!
TJC Breastfeeding Course
NICHQ's Improving Performance on Breastfeeding Measures group coaching program starts this Thursday. Don’t miss this opportunity to hardwire improvements in your hospital’s perinatal care. Register today!

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