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 Mental Health in Southwestern Pennsylvania

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Suggestions for Media Coverage:

In your coverage about Mental Health it is important to showcase the successful management of these conditions. 
Try to produce success stories that are newsworthy and engaging to your audience.

  • Consider talking about success stories not just in terms of how treatment works and whether treatments work, but remember to include the functional aspects showing how the treatment and recovery plan involves the patient and what their responsibilities are.
  • Think about not focusing solely on the extreme aspects of some forms of treatment; instead consider highlighting the positive aspects that provide functional improvement, such as the importance of family, friends, and social support in the recovery process.
  • When possible, identify opportunities for early identification of everyday changes in a person's living, sleeping, appetite and relationships. Early intervention by teachers and clergy will allow people to have early access to care and to the full range of care.
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A Highlight from Last Year's Media & Mental Health Awards 

Losing Lambert: A Journey through Survival & Hope, WQED
Television News-Program Length Winner for accurate reporting on behavioral health issues

"What did I do wrong? How did I cause this? Why couldn't I see his pain?"

Those were just some of the haunting questions for Kathy O'Hern Fowler when she lost her teenage son, Lambert Hillman, to suicide in 1995. Kathy spent years struggling with loss and grief, but would eventually move into a life-altering role as an advocate for other parents who tragically find themselves in the same position.  Kathy and hundreds of others have found help through organizations like "Survivors of Suicide," a support group run by Sue Wesner at Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic of UPMC. It was Sue who coached Kathy and many others through their darkest hours. This program takes viewers to a survivors meeting, where local parents speak bravely and boldly about the loss of their children - all in an effort to eliminate the stigma of suicide, while helping others.

The documentary's final segment focuses on hope for future teenagers and their families. At UPMC, doctors are conducting the first known brain imaging of teens and adolescents who have attempted, or considered suicide. Their preliminary findings are impressive, and those involved hope their efforts will someday lead to better identification and treatment for teenagers at risk.

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The  2012
Media & Mental Health Awards

The 2
nd Annual
Media & Mental Health Awards ceremony will be held in early November 2012.

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 Portions of this newsletter adapted from
Picture This: Mental Health
in Pittsburgh

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