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Monthly QI Quiz
For a spread plan to be successful, which of the following is not necessary?
A. Executive support
B. Goals are aligned with an organization's strategic initiatives
C. Motivational slide deck
D. Measurement and feedback systems are in place
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Featured Video

Check out this leadership video to learn how to confront team dysfunction by addressing issues, talking about stress and knowing when to reset.

Featured Publication

Creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council: A Toolkit for Pediatric Practices

This toolkit is designed to help pediatric practices build a system for listening to patient feedback by creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).
What's New at NICHQ

> Recruitment is still open for Texas birth centers interested in joining a project aimed at improving breastfeeding rates.

> NICHQ supports NEPDC's efforts to accelerate the production of technologies for pediatric clinical care. Learn how you can get involved.
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New Year, Renewed Focus
Leadership Message

NICHQ’s President and CEO, Charlie Homer, reflects on the past year and looks ahead to the future in this month’s leadership message. “Many positive things occurred in 2013 to give me great optimism for the advancement of our mission in 2014 and beyond,” he says.

Charlie Homer
Breastfeeding Training Requires Creativity, Innovation

Educating hospital staff about breastfeeding best practices during busy work shifts can be a challenge. Many hospitals have accepted the challenge and are turning toward creative and innovative approaches to make trainings as non-intrusive and fun as possible. Read More.

Newborn baby breastfeeding
Fill in the Blank: If You Don’t Improve,
You _________

For more than two decades, veteran improvement advisor Jane Taylor, EdD, has been advising teams across the country on how to overcome barriers to system level change and then how to make change stick. NICHQ recently caught up with Taylor to talk about the trends in the quality improvement field. Read More.

Credit: ThinkPublic
When the ER Can’t Hear You: Tips for Families with Sickle Cell Disease

Many patients with sickle cell disease do not receive timely care at the ER because practitioners don’t understand the disease or suspect patients of drug-seeking behavior. What’s a parent to do? Sickle cell disease advocate Andrea Williams shares tips on how she is able to get her son the help he needs. Read More.

Andrea Williams

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