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NICHQ News Banner November 2015
4 Tips for Reducing Formula Supplementation in the Hospital
Learn how Harris Health System's Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital in Houston has increased the number of mothers exclusively breastfeeding in the hospital from 3.8 percent to 33 percent and reduced their formula supplementation rates from 73 percent to 57 percent in just nine months.

  Black Woman Breastfeeding Her Baby

New Video: Methods for Moving a Nation to Reduce Infant Mortality
In this new video from the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Reduce Infant Mortality (IM CoIIN), hear how the project is cleverly combining three key methods for change—collaborative learning, innovation networks and quality improvement—to achieve results in reducing infant mortality across the country.
Watch The Video
  Methods For Moving A Nation Video

Here's Why Evaluation Matters to Your Project
Projects may sound compelling and seem worthwhile, but it is hard to know if they actually achieve their goals without collecting data and conducting an evaluation. Need convincing? Here are five reasons why evaluation matters.
  Data From Survey

How a Physician QI Team Leader Can Help Foster Change More Quickly
Yogangi Malhotra, MD, attending neonatologist and an early champion of breastfeeding, knew it wouldn't be easy to bring change to New York's Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital. But her unique role as a neonatologist and the QI project team leader helped foster change more quickly in five key areas.
  Montefiore Breastfeeding Run Chart

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