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Milken Institute Monthly - February 2014
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The Leading Indicators:
A Short History of the Numbers
That Rule Our World

February 26 - Santa Monica, CA

A Hollywood Exit:
What California Must Do to Remain Competitive in Entertainment
- and Keep Jobs

February 27 - Santa Monica, CA

Unleashing the Second American Century:
Four Forces for Economic Dominance

March 6 - Santa Monica, CA
Buzzworthy Videos from the Atlanta Summit
The Business Case for Public Health Video Global Health Security Video
The Business Case
for Public Health
Global Health Security:
Containing Threats
Chart of the Matter
How Secure is the Recovery
How steady is the road to recovery? Shown here by GDP growth percentages of both emerging markets
and G7 nations.
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Atlanta Summit celebrates CDC's work,
reaffirms commitment to public health
Michael Milken and Tom Frieden at the Atlanta SummitMore than 200 participants – members of Congress, industry leaders, foundation heads, major philanthropists, distinguished scientists and university presidents – convened at the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a first-of-its-kind event hosted by the Milken Institute and the CDC Foundation. Building on the Celebration of Science initiative launched in 2012, the Summit's focus was to reaffirm America's commitment to public health. For panel videos, photos and more, visit the official Summit website.
"Checkup Time" looks anew at America's
chronic diseases and finds mixed results
Checkup TimeOur latest report, "Checkup Time," depicts the actual economic burden associated with five leading chronic diseases. The report updates our groundbreaking 2007 report, "An Unhealthy America," which has served as a source of information for journalists and policymakers, "Checkup Time" finds that chronic diseases have cost the nation more than we originally forecast, driven by obesity. The good news: Treatment expenditures per patient and heart disease prevalence are lower than the gloomiest projections in 2007.
Other Recent Publications
Catalytic Finance for Nutrition Sustainable Microfinance in Asia Regulation and Supervision of the Biggest Banks California's Position in Technology and Science
Catalytic Finance for Nutrition Sustainable Microfinance
in Asia
Regulation and Supervision of the Biggest Banks California's Position in Technology
and Science
Highlights from our Blog
An open letter to Janet Yellen
The real economy - Main Street, if you will - has not only not done as well as financial markets, but has actually done poorly.
The plus side of Reg A
The JOBS Act is best known for legalizing securities crowdfunding, lifting the ban on the mass marketing of private offerings, and fostering an IPO on-ramp for so-called emerging growth companies.
African Eurobonds: What to watch in 2014
The story of African sovereign bond growth intersects with the global search for yield in the era of quantitative easing and near-zero interest rates.
Social impact bond guarantees: An evolving equation
From credit enhancements on fixed-income products to first-loss protection for equity funds, financial guarantees have lowered capital costs.
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