December 11, 2014

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  • Delivering Happiness
  • Napa: A Place that Cultivates Learning

T3 Napa Conference

Unlike a bottle of fine wine, people don't just naturally get better with age. Register for #89 and invest in your professional and personal development.  Join your peers this February in Napa..


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CHART Talks: "Brief Blasts of Brilliance" #13 - Delivering Happiness
by Spencer Buck, Wisetail

In Atlanta, I shared why it's important that your employees, who are your best brand ambassadors, are happy and like their job. It's key that you create a sense of community and engagement.  By focusing on your core values, by making them happy and engaging them; you will achieve success.  Take 10 minutes to watch my video. 

Yearout Square 200

Napa: A Place that Cultivates Learning
by Patrick Yearout, Ivar's Restaurants

Napa, California, is known for many things. Most people, of course, think of it as the source of the most spectacular wines produced in North America. Its dry, temperate climate and the unique diversity of its soil provide the perfect setting for growing many different varieties of grapes, and as a result the valley has become the home to over 400 different wineries. 

In addition, the region has become synonymous with world-class cuisine, as it features a multitude of creative chefs overseeing the menus at highly lauded restaurants. Napa is also famous for its scenic hot-air balloon rides, luxurious spas, numerous outdoor recreation areas, and burgeoning arts scene. 

I’ve been fortunate to visit a half dozen times in the last decade, and for me, there’s one more item I would add to Napa’s list: learning.  Each time I’ve come to this amazing region, I have learned something new.  Read more.

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