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The Secret to Increasing Hospital Breastfeeding Rates
As hospitals work to increase exclusive breastfeeding rates, they are often challenged by staff members who are resistant to new processes and workflows. Several hospitals are successfully overcoming this obstacle by fostering staff change agents who help drive decisions about changes to existing workflows.
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Harlem Reduces IM Rate
What's Behind NYC's Drastic Decrease in Infant Mortality Rates?
The saying, "if you can make it here you can make it anywhere," of New York City, holds true for even its youngest members. NYC's infant mortality rate—4.6 deaths per 1,000 live births in the first year of life—is nearly 30 percent lower than the overall rate in the US. What's the city's secret? A multi-pronged, multi-sector approach that taps into the power of collaboration.
QI Tips: Team Turnover
8 Strategies for Surviving Team Turnover
Team member turnover is unavoidable. People leave organizations, go on maternity leave or have periods when they downgrade their participation to focus on something else. Yes, it is stressful, but it doesn't mean your improvement work comes to a halt. Set your team up to push passed member transitions with these eight strategies.

New PTF Med Home Model
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In our new white paper, Cultivating Internal Change Agents for Medical Home Transformation, learn about an innovative approach to training internal practice transformation facilitators (PTFs) for medical home implementation efforts.

Breastfeeding Rate Booster
NICHQ's Improving Performance on Breastfeeding Measures group coaching program provides hospitals direction on how to hardwire change to improve perinatal care. Topics include breastfeeding and supplementation policies and using data to drive change. Registration closes May 20

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Eliminating Disparities: From Intent to Action
Mom Kissing Sick Daughter
In recent months, our nation has experienced an escalation of difficult "conversations" about the persistence of racism, the injustices of income inequality and the harm that discrimination inflicts on us all. Perhaps more than anywhere else, these issues are inescapable in our healthcare system and manifest themselves in the health outcomes of our children.


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