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Veteran Mental Health Challenges & Solutions
-Seeking Help-

Just like those who never served in the military, Veterans may experience mental health issues and difficult life events that are unrelated to their service. However, the difficulties of service, such as combat, noncombat training exercises, other traumatic military experiences, and repeated deployments, may complicate their efforts to deal with those issues.

Common barriers to seeking mental health treatment services include:
  • Lack of understanding about the signs and symptoms of mental illness. 
  • Perceptions of weakness or failure. 
  • Misconceptions about the necessity and efficacy of treatment. 
  • Lack of familiarity with mental health services and resources. 
  • Belief that services are not available to them, or they don’t deserve support.

Nicole Ramirez - VA pub
Real People Real Stories:
Nicole Ramirez
U.S. Army Veteran, U.S. Air Force Reserve; Desert Era, OEF, OIF

Nicole served as an active duty combat medic for the Army during the Gulf War, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and at present is an Air Force Reservist. Nicole’s husband served in the Army for eight years as a combat engineer, and his duties included infantry patrols in Kuwait and Iraq. Nicole and her husband reached out for support for themselves and to find effective ways to raise their children while managing the unique requirements of a dual-spouse military family. She is currently weeks away from completing her bachelor’s degree.

PT VA Pub Cover 
Portions of this newsletter adapted from
 EIC and the Staunton Farm Foundation are pleased to present 
Veterans: Return, Reconnect & Reintegrate Community Forum in Pittsburgh on November 30th!
Contact Anthony Perez for more information and stay tuned to for photos and updates from the forum. 

Veterans Cover CollageSuggestions for Reporting on Veteran Mental Health Challenges & Solutions

In your stories that refer to returning Veterans reintegrating into their community and returning home form active duty remember that the first step in living a fulfilling and healthy life is proactively addressing any type of mental health issue through treatment and services that work. Veterans, their families, and their communities are all involved in the mission of recovery.

  • In your stories concerning Veteran mental health challenges remember to include the sequence of events and people that led them to seek out help. This demonstrates the reality that not all Veterans experience cataclysmic events before taking steps to find appropriate support. No matter the catalyst, the first step to diagnosing and managing any type of mental health challenge is to recognize help is needed.
  • By being proactive about their mental health, Veterans can avoid the long-term complications and consequences of an unmanaged mental health challenge. Consider ways that you can present information about the screening and evaluation methods used by the U.S. Armed Forces and V.A. to proactively assess the mental health needs of Service members and Veterans. Such routine assessments may help your readers find reasons behind unexplained behavior and accept support for themselves or seek it out for their family members.
  • Consider ways that you can demystify treatment and counter negative perceptions of outdated forms of therapy with information on new and effective (but not experimental) treatment options that work.
  • Think about ways that you can highlight the importance of community resources and support. Mental health problems can affect all those surrounding the person experiencing the immediate signs and symptoms of a given condition.

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