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Featured Toolkit
Improvement ideas abound for medical practices working to transition to a medical home model of care. We have a variety of free resources available on NICHQ’s website.
Featured Publication

Powerful Partnerships: A Handbook for Families and Providers Working Together to Improve Care

This guide includes information and guidance on how to get the most out of the family and healthcare professional partnership. Additional resources for clinicians are available on the NICHQ website.
> We are partnering with the New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) to develop a tailored QI program to enhance their pediatric practice service delivery.                  

Monthly QI Quiz
Quality improvement efforts are usually unsuccessful when there is _____?
A. Lack of leadership
B. Structural misalignment
C. Lack of critical feedback
D. Misalignment of resource allocation
E. All of the above
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Overcoming the Epidemic of
Compassion Fatigue

Given the many priorities and important issues that are competing for our collective attention, how do we break through the cacophony of dire statistics and grave warnings about so many “epidemics?" NICHQ’s Lauren Smith says we need to adjust our language “from counting to compassion” to make the problem more concrete for those who don’t confront it every day. Read More.

Lauren Smith of NICHQ
How to Determine Fair Market Value for Purchasing Formula

One of the criteria for hospitals to earn Baby-Friendly designation is to show they are not receiving any free items or marketing materials from manufacturers or distributors of breast milk substitutes, bottles, nipples or pacifiers. This means any formula that the hospitals need must be purchased at fair market value. Choosing to pay for formula, however, is a trickier endeavor than some hospitals expect. Read More.

Infant formula under lock and key
Tips for Recruiting Physician Champions for Improvement Projects

Clinically-based improvement teams can benefit from having a physician champion on board. The physician champion plays a crucial role when it comes time to make the case for other physicians to support an improvement idea. How do you find a physician champion? Read More.

Doctor and patient during an office visit.
Preventing Tooth Decay in Children
Through Quality Improvement

Dr. Man Wai Ng has made it her mission to integrate oral care into pediatrics to reverse the recent trend of increasing tooth decay rates in children under the age of 5. In this Q&A, learn about quality improvement initiatives underway to make sure young children are screened—and referred—for preventive oral healthcare. Read More.

Dr. Man Wai Ng

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