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Save time and reduce cost with on-machine grinding

On-machine grinding is a cost- and time-efficient alternative to dryer cylinder replacement and off-machine grinding. Cylinders can be refinished and renewed for 40-50% less than the overall cost of off-machine grinding or replacement, and can be achieved in less than half the time it takes to grind off-machine or replace a cylinder.

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Case study, increased sheet quality and machine speed with on-machine grinding

A fine paper mill's off-machine coater dryer section began to fail as dryer performance declined and sheet breaks increased. With rolls being rejected each week, and more than a half dozen sheet breaks daily the machine's operating manager had to come up with a cost-efficient and fast solution.

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Success factors when grinding rolls

For those mills considering doing their own roll grinding, there are several factors to consider. The knowledge and experience of an operator, the condition of the roll grinding equipment and continued preventive maintenance of equipment all contribute to the ability to meet dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements. This article lists the grinding procedures followed at Valmet roll shops.

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