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2015 Q4 -


» Holistic Approach to Capital Project Performance Streamlining

Fiatech has developed a new approach to the longstanding challenge of improving productivity, which has the potential to reduce capital project costs by over 30%. Members are now embracing overarching initiatives that emphasize context and strong economic motivation.These initiatives are derived from twelve Performance Improvement Targets that have been developed by industry thought leaders and experts. 
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» MARS-Rover Project Update


This project  introduces a new method for identification of the location and orientation of the users in 3D for scalable “on-demand” and “mobile” access to project information via images taken with commodity smartphones and tablets.  This access has potential for improving decision-making during on-site construction activities.  Challenges increase tremendously in occasionally connected environments. GPS, WiFi, and 3G are not always available or reliable. Read more

» Community of Interest on Integrated Project Management


To work toward the Fiatech Productivity Improvement Target of "realizing a 25% improvement in Project Cost and Schedule Predictability" a Fiatech Integrated Project Management Community of Interest (IPMCOI) will launch in early 2016.This group will look at ways of improving the efficiency and quality of project and facility management operations and processes. Read more 

» Industry Impact 


As facilitators for innovation and productivity improvement in the construction and capital facilities industries, Fiatech project managers are frequently asked to present at events. Click here for access to the presentations delivered.  

  » Identification of Artificial Intelligence Applications to Address Construction and Capital Facilities Needs

Black & Veatch hosted an Artificial Intelligence event, led by Fiatech, including presentations from IBM Watson, on October 29, 2015, to explore  potential applications for Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Computing for addressing construction and capital facilities industry needs. The event takeaways may lead to a Fiatech “Exploratory Cognitive Solutions Project”.
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» Construction Research Congress

Fiatech’s project: “BIM Supported Building Lifecycle Management” has been submitted for presentation at the 2016 Construction Research Congress May 31 - June 2, in San Juan Puerto Rico. Dr. Rui Liu, Assistant Professor of Construction Science at UTSA and Mr. Garry Zettersten, PE, Senior Project Manager, Fiatech are co-authors of the submission entitled: “Facility Sustainment Management System Automated Population from Building Information Models.”  Read more

» Autocodes Project Update

The Fiatech AutoCodes Project has initiated a joint effort with the California Office of State Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) to use the Project’s Minimum Modeling Matrix (M3), Model Protocol Guidelines, and the Solibri Model Checker for automated code compliance checking on healthcare facilities in California.
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» Fiatech Board led Projects Committee, Project Status Reviews 


Delivering Projects that produce member value through validated and usable industry supported practices is central to Fiatech’s Mission. Our projects are leading edge practices that develop, demonstrate, and deploy technology and innovative practices driving improvements of efficiency and productivity. View the summary of project reviews over the past quarter here.


Call for CETI Nominations 
The Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation Awards (CETI) recognize organizations who have implemented new and emerging technologies and innovative practices in capital projects/facilities and recognize individuals who have made significant strides in advancing technology and innovation in research and development. While many awards to recognize extraordinary contributions, the CETI awards are unique to the enrichment of our industry and how ingenuity impacts societies, creates a competitive workforce, prepares us for the future, drives creativity, and improves our world.
Share your success stories or nominate a client or colleague and help us spread the word on the great work our industry is doing to build a better world. Click here to view past award recipients

Registration Open for 2016 Technology Conference & Showcase
Attending Fiatech 2016 will significantly impact your organization by educating you on emerging solutions, bring visibility to your organization, develop beneficial relationships between you and key industry professionals, and bolster your competitiveness in the industry. Fiatech 2016 is bringing together thought leaders, subject matter experts, solution providers, and visionaries, immersing you in the latest information and technologies through highly interactive sessions. Click here to learn more.

Change Readiness Assessments Available
How ready is your organization for change? How does you team feel about a completed change implementation? Contact Reg Hunter to learn more about the Fiatech Industry Innovation Adoption Survey at More information, including videos, is available here.

Leadership Forum Takeaways
The Fiatech Leadership Forum on September 21-23, 2015 featured industry experts and participants from leading organizations. Two industry game changers for the capital projects and facilities industry were introduced. First, Change Readiness methods were explored in-depth and will continue maturing to provide a means to more systematically recognize barriers and opportunities. Click here for more change readiness resources. Secondly, the potential for the industry to reduce up to $300 million in costs out of every billion dollars spent. To achieve these saving requires all aspects of the industry; the Leadership Forum workshops addressed the specific goals and focused on answering the question: “what would it take to realize these benefits?"

Efficiency Through Digital Projects (ETDP) Event a Success!
The Efficiency Through Digital Projects conference took place on November 10 – 11, 2015 at the Hallam Conference Centre in London. The theme for this second joint conference with COMIT, and fifth European Fiatech Conference, was “Real Time Solutions – Real Time Success”. It provided two days of topical discussions, cross industry panels, and interactive sessions spotlighting the processes and technologies impacting our industry. These included the latest research, innovation (including borrowed technology from other industries), and achievements for advancing design, construction and facility management. A showcase provided additional exposure to breakthrough technologies and provided the opportunity to network with industry peers. The annual Innovation Award for Interoperability was presented to Malcolm Taylor of Crossrail for his inspiring leadership in Information Management. Click here to learn more.


It has been a very busy 4th Quarter for Fiatech. Our Fall Leadership Forum was held in Glendale, Arizona, September 21 – 23 with strong participation providing great leadership direction. Highlights of the Leadership Forum included our Leadership Initiative Workshops, Performance Improvement Targets, and Change Readiness. Our follow through on the performance improvement opportunity is summarized in the Newsletter article “Holistic Approach to Capital Project Performance Streamlining”. Additionally, we were very busy in our outreach activities including the Fiatech Cognitive Computing Workshop and European Annual Meeting “Efficiency Through Digital Projects” held jointly with COMIT. We continue to make progress on our projects with several highlighted in this Newsletter plus an article summarizing and highlighting our monthly project reviews. We appreciate the strong participation of our members who lead the way in supporting these advancements for the industry.

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