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 Mental Health in Southwestern Pennsylvania

research-labSuggestions for Media Coverage:

When reporting on new research about mental health, remember to showcase how the results are relevant to everyday life, clinical practice, and education.

Consider the following tips when connecting research to practice in order to help your audience members understand how they can best utilize the information in their own lives.

  • A good way to illustrate new research regarding the genetic implications of mental illness would be to interview multiple generations of the same family in order to show what these results look like in real life.
  • Identifying the symptoms of mental illness early and effectively is key to properly treating the condition. In your stories about current mental health research, think about showcasing the events where this research is being presented; for example universities or local schools. This will provide your audience with context as well as information on where they can seek out resources on their own.
  • When featuring recent studies on fragmentation versus the integration of health care and the relationship between mind and body, consider showing this issue as cross-generational as well as individual by focusing on mind-body interactions, community levels, funding sources, and the state policy-making level.
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A Highlight from Last Year's Media & Mental Health Awards 

Doctor: Pittsburgh Police Murder Suspect Doesn't Seem Insane,
Paul Van Osdol, WTAE
Television News Segment Winner for accurate reporting on behavioral health issues

Paul Van Osdol of WTAE reports on the plausibility of a suspect’s claim of being criminally insane during the murders of four victims.  In the segment, Osdol presents that psychosis is not the cause of the race-driven crime.

Developing News Stories

Questions to ask:
Can you frame the story in a manner that focuses on the successes of individuals with mental illness rather than failures and setbacks that may perpetuate feelings of fear, mistrust and shame? 

The 2012
Media & Mental Health Awards

The 2
nd Annual SWPA
Media & Mental Health Awards ceremony will be held on
 November 8, 2012.

Stay tuned for more information on submitting your stories!

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Picture This: Mental Health
in Pittsburgh

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