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ACTE Statement Regarding Enhanced Screening Measures for Electronic Devices

Alexandria, Virginia, 27 July - On Wednesday, July 26, the United States Transportation Security Administration announced that it would begin separately screening all electronic devices larger than a cell phone included in passengers’ carry-on bags for domestic flights. Greeley Koch, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, has issued the following statement:

“TSA is spot-on in pursuing measures like this, as opposed to blanket device bans and other confusing policies lacking in detail. Leveraging technology—including tried and true tools like x-rays--enables a comprehensive process that enhances security without placing an undue burden on travellers. While this policy might occasionally increase time in the security line, we see it as a reasonable way to improve security while still allowing business travellers to stay connected, productive and confident in their safety. But the government shouldn’t stop there; it should always be seeking new technology and methods to make the security screening process fast, comfortable and easy while being effective."

About ACTE: 
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