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 The Power of Fictional Characters to Inspire!

 Depiction Suggestions:

Characters in science, engineering and technology (SET) are quickly becoming today’s superheroes, detectives, and problem solvers.  Incorporating characters involved in these fields is extremely realistic as more and more industries and occupations are requiring people from these fields to draw upon their expertise in new and fascinating ways.

When designing your characters consider this:

  • Scientists and engineers are creative problem solvers they take a look at an everyday issue, situation, object or problem (or a not-so-everyday one) and work to make it better, more functional, more manageable, or even over-the-top (high potential for humor!). 


  • Women  are incredibly involved in these fields – much more so than many people believe. When considering occupations for your female characters, look into the fields related to science, engineering, and technology as fertile ground for adding dimension.


  • Keep in mind the variety of careers related to science, engineering, and technology; there truly is an option for every character and storyline situation you can imagine.

  • Remember that there is no such thing as a typical engineer or scientist and consider ways that your existing characters could highlight these occupations.

 New SET Awards Website!

Come check out EIC’s newest website, to catch all the highlights of this year’s 3rd Annual SET Awards ceremony as well as past ceremonies honoring television and film productions that address science, engineering, and technology in informative, inspirational and de-stigmatizing ways to encourage future innovators

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NASA and Stunt Scientist all on EICtv!  


 On the latest episode on the Science, Engineering, and Technology Channel, listen to NASA Associate Administrator for Education and two-time astronaut Leland Melvin encourage students to take on the NASA Education Design Challenge and spark your creativity with Stunt Scientist Steve Wolf.  Don’t miss a second of this week’s episode!    

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 Thought Box

star trek computer
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Google Wants to Build the Star Trek Computer!

“The Star Trek computer is not just a metaphor that we use to explain to others what we're building...It is the ideal that we're aiming to build—the ideal version done realistically."

Click here to learn more!

A Message from Brian Dyak, EIC President, CEO, & Co-Founder

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Last year, at the 3rd Annual SET Awards, Star Trek Into Darkness was honored for their informative, inspirational, and de-stigmatizing use of science, engineering, and technology.  This film is an excellent example of how entertainment can impact our young people to pursue careers in these fields. So many generations have been inspired by multiple Star Trek series and films released over the decades, that their legacy can be found in many of today’s new and past technologies.  Many of our most successful scientists, engineers, and technologists were inspired by the stories on the USS Enterprise and adventures of Captain Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I would like to challenge the creative community to create the next character or story that will spark the curiosity and imagination of young people around the country to make the fiction in entertainment, into a reality. 

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