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Monthly Dose for the Monthly Close

Thanks for Hosting Us!

March 2012


About ART

ART equips executives with striking insight into their balance sheet by transforming the account reconciliation process.  Do away with spreadsheets, crazy emailing and manual distractions.  Enjoy ART's powerful workflow management and reporting tools to automate account reconciliations and become more productive without ever installing software.

Complimentary Whitepaper

Redefining Management's Expectations on Quality, Productivity and Cost of Maintaining a Healthy Balance Sheet


We Know That...

Adopting new technology is a big change.  That’s why we offer different ways to help you decide if ART is right for your accounting group. 

Sign up for a free trial.  In just a few days, your accounting team can test drive ART for themselves.

Schedule a private demo for your group to see how ART can transform your account reconciliation process without breaking the bank. 

See if ART can drive productivity and automation into your monthly close by lightening workload, standardizing and creating total transparency.

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Want to know who we are and what we're all about?  Visit us at or click here for a video sneak peek.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

  Nancy Wu, Head of Client Service

After exhausting all major modes of transportation -- planes, trains, cars, the subway, roller skates (just kidding) -- we concluded our roadshow and declared success! 

THANK YOU to all the companies who participated in our East Coast roadshow.  Things are crazy during the close.  But regardless, many Finance and Accounting teams still made time to see ART.  Furthermore, approximately 70% of the roadshow companies have taken advantage of our complimentary trial offering, where the whole team can get trained and try ART for one Close cycle with no strings attached.

Mr. Popular: The Workflow

ART's ability to automatically route account reconciliations among the accounting team for preparation, review and approval was a big hit on the roadshow.  When ART takes over the reconciliation management process, some neat things happen:

  • Remove Distraction: ART brings the work to you, so that you only focus on what needs to be done.
  • Enforce Accountability: The whole team will know "who's on point" at all times.
  • Reduce Administration:  No more updating status sheets and checklists.  Status is systematically time-stamped and reported on an easily digestible dashboard.

Here's to an Awesome Close!


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