Winter 2019
HAVEN Grant Provided Home Repairs for Retired Coast Guard Veteran
In the summer of 2001, 20-year-old Jared Bishop was eager to start his technical training in electronics. He was new to the U.S. Coast Guard and wanted to make his mark. "Then 9/11 happened," explained Mr. Bishop, now 37 and a retired petty officer second class. "My training was postponed, but I eventually got what felt like two years of training in a six-month period." Throughout Mr. Bishop"s 12-year career in the Coast Guard, he served on a law enforcement team, protecting U.S. natural resources in Alaska. Read more
$500K AHP Grant Rehabilitated $6 Million Complex for Homeless Seniors
While homelessness was once considered a central city issue, a 2018 census conducted by Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) proved that that is no longer the case. Now more widespread across metropolitan areas, homelessness has seeped into the suburban sprawl. The fact that the city of Dallas lacked more than 1,000 much-needed housing units for the homeless only exacerbated the problem. Read more
Natchez Teacher's Aide Receives a New Roof with SNAP Grant
When Linda Jones noticed a leak on her roof two years ago, she contacted her insurance company, but to no avail. Her insurer at the time denied a full roof replacement on her house, built in the 1970s, and instead approved a patch, but the problem persisted. Read more
New Mexico Mother Buys First Home With HELP
After sharing a bedroom with her daughters in her mother's house for four years, Sarah Cerna knew she needed to make a change. Her daughters, ages 9 and 7, were growing up quickly and wanted a yard of their own. A lifelong apartment renter and single mother, the American Dream seemed out of reach for Ms. Cerna. Read more
$28K PGP Grant Awarded to Northshore Housing Initiative
Covington, Louisiana-based community land trust Northshore Housing Initiative (NHI) helps make homeownership a reality for low- to moderate-income families seeking affordable workforce housing. Since its founding in 2001, NHI has made buying a house an affordable reality for 17 families by investing in land and leasing it to homebuyers, ensuring long-term affordability through its programs, Community Land Trust and Community Housing Development Organization. Read more
Mississippi-Based CDFI Utilizes FHLB Dallas Products to Develop Community
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, local business leaders came together to help in the recovery and rebuilding of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Gulfport, Mississippi-based CDFI Renaissance Community Loan Fund was founded in 2007 under the name, Gulf Coast Renaissance, to provide safe and affordable workforce housing to the community. Read more

Around the District

Red River Bank and FHLB Dallas awarded a $450,000 Affordable Housing Program grant to St. Mary’s Residential Training School in Boyce, Louisiana, to build six new group homes for residents with special needs.

The Reserves of Gray Park, a 42-unit apartment community in Greenville, Mississippi, has opened thanks to a $224,000 Affordable Housing Program grant from Planters Bank and Trust and FHLB Dallas.​

Albuquerque, New Mexico-based nonprofit ABQid received $19,500 in Partnership Grant Program funds from FHLB Dallas and Wells Fargo to assist with the nonprofit’s programs and operational expenses.

Horizon Bank and FHLB Dallas awarded $8,240 in Partnership Grant Program funds to the Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas in Austin, Texas.

First Security Bank and FHLB Dallas awarded $10,000 in Partnership Grant Program funds to Bob Davis Male Veterans Shelter to help with business operations as the Arkansas veterans shelter undergoes renovations.

An $8,000 Partnership Grant Program award from Bank of Commerce and FHLB Dallas helped fund façade grants to local businesses in downtown Greenwood, Mississippi.

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