January 2020

Happy Holidays from the BlueTechValley Team!
We cannot believe this year (not to mention this decade) is coming to a close! We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  In celebration of the new year, we want to reminisce and share a few standout stories, key impacts and successes!

Key Impacts 
We are proud to share that in 2019 we had: 102 ventures engaged with BTV, 80 workshops and webinars, $20 million raised by BTV ventures, 29 Technology Innovation Evaluation (TIE) meetings, and 15 Valley Ventures Accelerator graduates!
Our success is made possible by so many dedicated, hardworking people: the BTV Innovation Cluster team, 
the WET Center incubator, the Valley Ventures accelerator, our hubs, our partners, our industry instructors and mentors, and the inspiring inventors and entrepreneurs we have the pleasure to work with.  

Click here to see an overview of our data for the past three years.

BTV Member Standout Stories 
It has been a year full of successes and we would like to highlight some of the many success stories of the BlueTechValley members.

BioFiltro: Worms, anyone? (They’re GOOD for you, and your soil, too.) 
Valley Ventures II alumni, BioFiltro, introduced their wiggly solution to an award-winning Wise Villa Winery to help in reducing their environmental footprint. BioFiltro’s water treatment will help Wise Villa treat and recycle process water for agricultural reuse and more.

BoxPower: The IKEA of Microgrids
Valley Ventures II alumni, BoxPower, is delivering the most cost-effective and reliable way to deliver power to communities, facilities, residences, businesses and beyond with their solar container microgrids.

ConserWater: Ring ring! New technologies are here! 

In July 2019, Valley Ventures III alumni, ConserWater, announced MoistureFocus, NitrumFocus & PhosphoFocus, a suite of novel AI-based technologies that report soil moisture, nitrogen & phosphorous levels available to crops on a reg. basis and 30-feet resolution. More info here!  
Dropcopter: Grants fuel new ideas!
Valley Ventures III alumni, Dropcopter, took home $500,000 in Grow-NY Competition in November 2019. 17 teams pitched innovative products to expert judges in Food Agriculture at the two-day Summit in New York. 

Drought Diet Products: Feeling anything but "LOWE"
Valley Ventures I alumni, Drought Diet Products, just had their DIY greywater irrigations go live on Lowes.Com under the brand name “Grey4Green”.

Ecoli Sense: $10K, 10,000 ways it can help save lives
In September 2019, Valley Ventures VI alumni Ecoli Sense won $10K at the Central Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum for their effective and informative pitch regarding their innovative sensor, which can detect the type and amount of E. coli strains in real-time.

Electro Active Technologies: Award, Accelerator, Active Technologies 
In April 2019, Valley Ventures IV alumni Electro-Active Technologies received the Innovation Award from TechConnect. The following month, Co-Founder and CEO of Electro-Active Technologies, Alex Lewis, was accepted into the Innovation Crossroads.

Epiphene: Stepping into the spotlight 
This Valley Ventures IV alumni took home the Irrigation Association New Product Award in Agricultural Irrigation at the 2019 Irrigation Show in Las Vegas for their CPH Separator. Their CPH Separator was named one of the “Top-10 New Products Competition” by the International Agri-Center.

GroGuru: Producer Partnership = Endless Possibilities 
Valley Ventures I alumni, GroGuru, partnered with Tennessee Producer, Grant Norwood in installing a permanent soil sensor. Since it’s installation, both Groguru and Norwood benefitted from the partnership. Learn more about the amazing payoff here. Groguru also raised a total of $2.9M in seed funding from The Yield Lab, Longley Capital, Mentors Fund, the San Diego Angel Conference, Right Side Capital, and other angel investors.

HyperBorean: GoCreate. Go, CleanTech!
Valley Ventures IV alumni, HyperBorean, moved into the GoCreate space In January 2019 at Wichita State University. HyperBorean is a member of GoCreate, a Koch Collaborative, and uses its studios and equipment to push his product from idea to commercialization in an economical fashion. HyperBorean also closed its pre-seed angel round of financing totaling $2,100,000. Click here to view their press release.

Intrinsyx Bio: Accelerating promising tech to meet current challenges
In May 2019, Valley Ventures IV alumni, Intrinsyx Bio, was one of the five companies out of 100 selected to receive a Wells Fargo Foundation grant to work with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

Membrion: Support equals scientific success
Valley Ventures IV alumni, Membrion, earned $500K in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), raising their total investment to $1.5M and placing them among the top 1% of companies supported by the NSF.

Spooky Action: Flying into the new year! 
Valley Ventures II alumni, Spooky Action, was featured in Forbes for their drone-based work in preventing poaching efforts in Africa. Their original efforts with poaching prevention streamlined into helping smaller, remote towns in gaining cellular connections via drone. 

Sprinkl: Cut the cords, Sprinkl is going WIRELESS
Valley Ventures III alumni, Sprinkl launched Sense, the first of Sprinkl’s SmartYard accessories, and is the only soil moisture sensor available that not only provides multi-depth soil moisture and temperature readings but also automatically adjusts each schedule down to the zone level. 

Upcycle & Co: “They’re Doers Getting More Done” 
Have you been in you local Home Depot recently? Valley Ventures III alumni, Upcycle & Co’s  Native Soil Fertilizer is now available in 1 pound and 4 pound sizes in the nationwide home retail store. Upcycle & Co. announced their partnership with Home Depot in August 2019, with the goal to reach a new level of sustainable and regenerative agriculture right in your backyard!  Click here to browse their product. 

Wisran: We have a winner!
Valley Ventures III alumni, WISRAN, was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research grant for $225,000 to conduct research and development work on cost allocation technology for shared resources. WISRAN is developing a hands-free technology to allocate the cost to serve for shared equipment, labor, and fuel.

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