October 2015

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Jerry Baker - Membership Chair

The lifeblood of the VSHE organization flows through our membership. Through the support of our members we are able to focus on education, advocacy, and overall promotion of the industry we serve. We encourage you to join or renew your membership today. Why wait? We also want to encourage our members to speak with peers and colleagues about the benefits of becoming a VSHE member. Some of those benefits include:

1-  UPDATED WEBSITE – Our website has more information and presentations than ever before. We are currently working on a strategic plan to better utilize our website and social media to provide expanded benefits such as educational material, video links, ASHE advocacy updates, and more.

2-  EDUCATION - We will continue to have our quarterly meetings and annual conference in May. This year we plan to have two different levels of education at the conference. For Managers, Directors and Contractors we will have the CHFM, HCC and CHC. For supervisors and technicians we will have the one day Barrier Management Symposium. This one day symposium focuses on the Proper DIIM - Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of rated assemblies. The program is designed to educate the supervisors and technicians on the floor about doing the proper repairs to rated assemblies and why these repairs are important.

3-  AFFILIATION – VSHE members enjoy being exposed an elite group of professionals in the healthcare industry. Active members find VSHE to be a differentiating factor in their career development and pursuit of professional opportunities.

4-  NATIONAL EXPOSURE - VSHE is a platinum chapter of ASHE and has been for several years. Our affiliation with ASHE gives access to national trends and support for healthcare issues. We also get insight into upcoming code revisions and send voting members to conferences to help our cause to keep healthcare safe, maintainable and cost effective.

As a closing note, our membership is now operating on an "anniversary" format. This means that membership runs for one year from the date of registration. Help us achieve  our goal of 200 members this year and reap the benefits of being part of one of the leading ASHE chapters in the country. More people, more knowledge, better results! Tell a friend about VSHE. Please call me,  Jerry Baker, your Membership Chair, with questions.

Jerry Baker
VSHE Membership Chair

 John Christodoulides - Conference Chair
Our Annual Conference includes valuable ASHE certification courses, an extended trade show and dual educational tracks. Additionally, this year we will sponsor the Joint Commission Barrier Management Program, an intense session, which is also the national educational benchmark. (See summary below and more information is forthcoming.)                                          
Summary for the Barrier Management Symposium (BMS)
TThe Joint Commission's #1 & #2 Survey Violations are Penetrations and Door issues in Fire and Smoke Barriers. The Barrier Management Symposium is designed to increase the awareness of the Healthcare Engineering and Building Code Professional about how Barriers are designed, installed, inspected and managed for long term success.

We invite ASHE Healthcare Facility Engineer Member Professionals and staff, and ICC Governmental Members, a limited number of FCIA Member Contractors....to a comprehensive symposium.

This one day Barrier Management Symposium focuses on the Proper DIIM - Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of Fire and Smoke Barriers and the features including firestopping, fire dampers, fire rated glazing and fire doors that make effective compartmentation in Healthcare Facilities work at the time they are called upon by fire and smoke.

The program is designed to educate the supervisors and technicians on the floor doing the repairs about testing that qualifies the products for use, code requirements, installation and inspection, management and maintenance for ongoing reliability of the installed fire resistance rated and smoke resistant products. Video presentations and an explanation of how each design element is tested to assess compliance with standard and code requirements in addition to the technologies are all included in this Symposium.

 As key contributors to healthcare facilities in Virginia, and experts in your field, VSHE is extending an invitation for an educational presentation in our conference. Topics should be addressing a current and significant issue on code compliance, maintenance, design, construction, security, facilities technology or other relevant subject.

For planning purposes, the speakers should allow approximately one hour including interaction with the audience. Please submit your proposal using the attached form and note that abstracts are due by December 15, 2015 to John Christodoulides at jcchristodoulid@carilionclinic.org.  (
CLICK HERE to view/print form

We appreciate your interest, and support and anticipate your participation, a most important factor to the purpose of our Annual Conference

~ John Christodoulides, Ph. D.
VSHE Conference Chair
Robert Reardon - President

On behalf of the leadership of the Virginia Society of Healthcare Engineers I want to thank everyone for your fantastic support of VSHE. We are successful due to volunteers, members, sponsors, vendors, instructors, students, and staff. We worked hard to provide attendees a conference of current and useful information that can be used to assist them in providing a more effective service.

At our conference in May 2016, we also provide a full range of ASHE-sponsored training to include CHFM and CHC exam preparation and the very popular Healthcare Construction Certificate. Moreover, we have heard from many of you on what you like and what we can improve in the future. I welcome your additional comments so we can improve next year’s 2016 conference. Please forward all comments to my e-mail address:  

There are upcoming events on the horizon. In November each chapter will host a local meeting. The fall will also mark the start of our conference planning. We hope many of you submit topics for presentation for our May 2016 conference.

Finally, I would strongly encourage each of you to consider joining and supporting the American Society of Healthcare Engineers, ASHE. It is the only organization that represents all healthcare facility personnel. Please join.

ASHE has designated VSHE a Platinum Chapter for the 3rd year in a row. This is the highest designation of ASHE awards. It was a total team effort. Thanks to all members for contributing to this prestigious designation.

In closing, I want to again thank each of you for your strong support.
~ Bob Reardon
VSHE President

Dylan C. Henderson- District Chair

I'm sure most of you can agree that 2015 has flown by! It seems like yesterday that we were in Williamsburg at the 2015 Conference. Since then, it has been a fast paced Summer and an even faster paced Fall. 

Over the past few months here in the Blue Ridge Districts we were able to host two presentations; one in late September by Draper Aden Associates, "3D Laser Scanning Applications for Documentation and Design", which highlighted the emerging technology of laser scanning of existing building conditions and integrating the data within PDC to assist with design and construction. More recently, we welcomed Paul Baillargeon, AHC, FDAI from the Door Security & Safety Foundation in an impromptu meeting for our Blue Ridge District Members. His presentation was geared towards healthcare facilities and within it he addressed the requirements of NFPA 80's care and maintenance of fire and egress door assemblies. Paul was also able to provide the attendees with information on how to obtain education and training to prepare the assemblies for annual inspections.

We will take a break from presentations during the holidays and will pick back up in January 2016 where we plan to schedule a few more events leading up to the 2016 VSHE Conference in May in Williamsburg.

It is known across the Commonwealth that our district in Western VA faces many logistic challenges due to our vast size and unique shape. Looking ahead, as we work to continue to promote educational opportunities within our meeting structure, it is my goal to unify and provide our district with means to reach all of our members. To do so, I will be working with the other district chairs to provide structure across our district leadership as well as petitioning the Board of Directors on a state level to provide means for our districts to adequately reach our members.   

As we move forward into 2016 I encourage your continued participation in our organization, and for you to share the message and direction of VSHE across our district.

~ Dylan C. Henderson
VSHE Blue Ridge District Chair


Joe Auricchio - District Chair

Our District meeting this quarter will be held November 12 from 2-4pm at Southside Regional Medical Center in Petersburg. We will have presentations on ‘ventilation issues’ and ‘leadership’. All members are always encouraged to attend the meetings in person.

 If you or someone you know would like to help plan, organize or be involved with any of the VSHE events, feel free to contact me for information. I am also open to suggestions on topics for quarterly meetings.

Lastly, after a rough start to the membership drive the website is back up and running. The VSHE Central District group is made up of people with many different skills and experiences. We comprise Facility Managers, Architects, Engineers and vendors of many different types, to name a few. Together, we all strive to enhance the healthcare environment by sharing information and collectively working as a group. This group is self-supported by its membership and events throughout the year. I encourage you to renew your membership each year and encourage others to join. 
~ Joe Auricchio
VSHE Central District Chair


Robert Richards - District Chair

Good Fall to all.  We hope everyone in the Tidewater area is enjoying the Fall and all that it has to offer us.  Plenty of water activities, hiking, fishing and my favorite, GOLF.   

Many of you attended this year's annual VSHE Conference and Golf Tournament.... Thank you for attending and thank you for your support.  Please watch for next year's event information to show up in your email.   We also just had many Engineers from Virginia who attended the Annual ASHE Conference in Boston.  It is sure to provide much information for all of us to refer to as we keep our patients safe in our beautiful facilities.   Let the future emerge! 

We welcome  Ross Miller of the Rolyn Companies as our new Education Coordinator.  We look forward to planning our May 2016 Annual Conference!
~ Robert Richards
VSHE Hampton Roads District Chair           

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2015-2016 State Board of Directors Elected
Robert Reardon President 804-828-1378 rreardon@vshe.org
Rick Sanders President Elect 804-765-5844 rsanders@vshe.org
Joe Morris State Treasurer 757-962-8703 jmorris@vshe.org
Geoff Pierce State Secretary 757-707-5301 gpierce@vshe.org
Jerry Baker Membership Chair 804-326-0174 jbaker@vshe.org
John Christodoulides Conference Chair 540-981-8834 jchristodoulides@vshe.org
Lynne Manning Communications Chair 804-684-5820 lmanning@pfa-architect.com
Mark Nicol ASHE Advocacy Chair 804-228-5840 mnicol@vshe.org
Dylan C. Henderson Blue Ridge District Chair 540-981-8177 dchenderson@carilionclinic.org
Joe Auricchio Central VA District Chair 804-828-6308 joseph.auricchio@vcuhealth.org
Robert Richards Hampton Roads District Chair 757-934-4715 rjricha2@sentara.com
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