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JUNE 2021

Dairy Profit Monitor key performance trend graphs: April 2020 – March 2021

Lauren Augello

39 dairy farms have completed the Dairy Profit Monitor (DPM) program from April 2020 through March 2021. The trend graphs prepared by the DPM provide a snapshot of how key performance measures changed on these farms over the last 12 months. The COVID-19 pandemic had an effect on milk price throughout the 12 month period. The average net milk price for these 39 farms ranged from $12.57 in May to $19.06 in November, which is a $6.50 range over the course of those six months.

Total lactating feed cost per cwt and cost per pound of dry matter also steadily increased from April to March reflecting the rising feed costs. Net Milk Income over Total Feed Costs per cow (NMIOTFC) using the actual milk price followed the same pattern throughout the course of the 12 months as the net milk price; taking a large hit in May, increasing drastically through July, and steadily decreasing from November on. If we analyze the NMIOTFC per cow using a fixed milk price, the cost per cow per day stays fairly consistent over the course of the 12 month period. Since producers cannot control the milk price they receive, analyzing the NMIOTFC with a fixed milk price allows us to analyze the performance of the management changes that were made on the farm during that time. The NMIOTFC per cow using a fixed milk price stayed relatively unchanged throughout the 12 months with the increase in pounds of components produced per cow over the period, offsetting the feed cost increase.

Milk sold per worker and labor efficiency on these 39 farms has slightly increased over the 12 month period. Given the changing labor regulations in New York State, this will continue to be an important management goal on farms.

Nutrient management and environmental sustainability specialist
PRO-DAIRY is seeking to hire a Nutrient Management and Environmental Sustainability Specialist with statewide responsibilities to the dairy industry in the area of nutrient management and environmental sustainability. Integration of the following principles, as well as a strong sense of teamwork, will be necessary: nutrient cycling and management, soil management and fertility, crop production, economics, CAFO permits, environmental compliance and sustainability. Effort will be focused on interactions, communication, and training for dairy producers and industry advisors, scientists, governmental and regulatory agencies to improve sustainability by helping the dairy industry find economical ways to improve practices while protecting the environment. As needed, collaborate with the Cornell Nutrient Management Spear Program and partners on development of land grant university guidance for nutrient management (such as Cornell Guidelines for Field Crops, other soil fertility topics, phosphorus runoff index and manure management). Contact Tom Overton ( to learn more about the position.

Survey about NY solar development
Solar energy siting is accelerating across New York, and American Farmland Trust wants to hear from you about your opinions on siting renewable energy on farmland and experience working with solar developers. Farmer input, opinions, and needs are central to this project, and so your participation is essential. Please take 15 minutes to complete this short survey before midnight Sunday July 11th, 2021 to help guide smart solar siting decisions and policies at the state and local level in the future!

Online dairy worker training in Spanish
Efficient Communication — Safer Conditions — Healthier Cows

The Online Dairy Worker Training Program presented in collaboration with University of Vermont Extension
is a free self-paced training certificate program offering Spanish-speaking workers the opportunity to build their practical skills in dairy farming. Each module focuses on common dairy worker areas of responsibility. All materials are presented and written in Spanish. Topics covered include: handling cows and calves, cow and calf nutrition, herd health,  milking routines, reproduction and breeding. Participants watch an online video and pass a quiz to become certified in the topic(s) of their choice. Visit or email

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