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NICHQ News March 2016
Tips for Sustaining Leadership Involvement in Your QI Project
One key element to make sure change sticks and gets anchored to a culture is to nurture a coalition of leaders that support the ongoing improvement effort. Here's how.
  QI Tips: SustainingLeadership

Second-Time Moms Like Hospital Changes That Support Breastfeeding
When Nicole Acosta delivered her first child in May 2013, she didn't get as much breastfeeding support as she expected to at her hospital. The hospital experience certainly changed for the better by the time she had her second son in June 2015. 

  New Mother With Baby And Doctor

NICHQ Identifies 'Promising Practice' in Medical Home Transformation
The National Center for Medical Home Implementation has named NICHQ's use of internal patient transformation facilitators an "innovative and promising practice" in pediatric medical home implementation.
  Doctor With Happy Baby Girl

Infant Mortality CoIIN Helps Kansas Connect Efforts, Accelerate Change
Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Networks (CoIINs) offer many tools, resources and underlying supports for participants to use to accelerate change. A participant just needs to reach out and embrace them. 
  IM CoIIN Collaboratory

NYS Hospitals See Dramatic Results in Breastfeeding Collaborative
Recruitment is open for hospitals in New York State to join the state's Breastfeeding Quality Improvement in Hospitals (BQIH) Learning Collaborative. If the results of the predecessor cohort of hospitals is any indication, these new recruits are in for some big changes. 
  BQIH Run Chart Success

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