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Capital Chatter

Monthly Newsletter for the ASIS National Capital Chapter

Issue #01, January 2017

In This Issue

  • It is not too late to renew!
  • ASIS PSP Update
  • DHS Blue Campaign
  • ASIS NCC Valued Sponsorship Program
  • ASIS International 2017 Webinar Lineup
  • Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity Report
  • Chairperson Corner
  • Upcoming Event: ASIS NCC E2C2 Luncheon
  • Recap:  Workplace Violence and Threat Assessment presentation - January Meeting
  • Member Spotlight: Kathleen Griggs
  • Upcoming Events

Have you Renewed your ASIS Membership for 2017?

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The Physical Security Professional (PSP)® credential provides demonstrable knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. Those who earn the PSP are ASIS board certified in physical security.

New PSP Exam Expected to Launch 3Q 2017

The revised PSP exam is expected to launch worldwide by November 2017. Please note: the 8-piece and newly-consolidated, 4-piece PSP reference material are both applicable for the current exam format. You will not need to purchase new reference materials should you take the exam before November 2017.
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The new 2017 Webinar Line-Up begins with a fresh agenda for security from seasoned professionals who envision a bright new future for security: It’s Time to Disrupt the Old Security Model!

Next, heed the warning from security professionals who want to help keep your assets secure: I Can Breach Your Security in 60 Seconds!

The year continues with timely webinars, such as, Practical Strategies for Hardening Soft Targets,
Risk/Threat Assessment Strategies; Insider Threat: A Corporate View; Hacking Access Control Systems, and much more.

Dates, times and registration information will be coming soon online.

Gain access to all 2017 live and archived webinar offerings—at least 24 programs—for the price of one ($99 members, $350 nonmembers).

Webinars provide convenient online training opportunities and offer an easy way to earn CPEs right from your desktop.

Offer includes access to all live and archived programs through December 31, 2017.

The individual webinar price is $99 for members and $129 for nonmembers.

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DHS Blue Campaign
Blue Campaign

The Blue Campaign is the unified voice for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to combat human trafficking. Working in collaboration with law enforcement, government, non-governmental and private organizations, the Blue Campaign strives to protect the basic right of freedom and to bring those who exploit human lives to justice.

Everyone has a role to play in combating human trafficking. Recognizing the signs of human trafficking is the first step to identifying a victim. The DHS  resources page has materials for a more in-depth human trafficking education and a catalog of materials that can be distributed and displayed in your community.

blue line info

Learn more


ASIS NCC Valued Sponsorship Program

The ASIS National Capital Chapter relies on your financial support to provide our members with opportunities to learn from industry experts, network with fellow security professionals and participate in special programs such as Women in Security, Young Professionals and Mentoring.

Bring attention to your organization through sponsorship with ASIS International's leading Chapter.  We are offering several Chapter sponsorship packages as well as sponsorship opportunities for specific programs. 

Learn more about our Valued Sponsor Program.


Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity Report

The President’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity released its Final Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy in December 2016.

​​​This nonpartisan commission was charged with assessing the current state of cybersecurity in the United States, and their final report describes actionable recommendations for securing and growing the digital economy by strengthening cybersecurity.

Their findings require significant commitment from both the public and private sectors and extensive cooperation and collaboration between the two.

Visit the Commission’s Website for more information.

4th of July

Chairman's Corner


Greetings NCC Members -

Happy New Year to all! It is my pleasure to have been elected the National Capital Chapter Chair for 2017, and to work with the membership and Board members as we continue to drive the ASIS NCC tradition of excellence.

As the banner above says, we should all "Get Engaged" as we seek to achieve new goals in our professional lives during 2017. What better way to form new friendships, cement current ones, achieve successes and serve others in the National Capital region, than to join forces with other volunteers of the NCC?

The National Capital Chapter is always seeking volunteers who are willing to participate and help us
ensure we continue to bring value to our members and remain vital. In that respect, we have a number of committees that could use your help - here is a partial list -

Chapter Development
Volunteer Coordination

If you are interested in engaging with the NCC and making a difference in your Chapter, please contact me and we will make sure you find the right fit for you!

The National Capital Chapter owes its success to the dedication of countless volunteers willingly giving of their time.  It is up to us to ensure that we continue to seek success and preserve the ASIS leadership vision for the next generation of security professionals. 

Volunteering is also an excellent way to increase your subject matter expertise and expand your professional network.  Additionally, if you hold a professional certification, getting involved is another way to earn credits toward your recertification. 

Make the most of your ASIS benefits and help shape the future by "Getting Engaged"!

Best regards,

John E. Gallagher
Chapter Chair
ASIS National Capital Chapter

December 2016 Holiday Party and Board Induction

The 2016 ASIS NCC Holiday Party and Induction Ceremony for Board members was held December 15th at the American Legion Hall Post 177 in Fairfax, Virginia.

Santa never did make an appearance, but a festive atmosphere and sparking Christmas decorations added to the cheerful celebration. The induction of the 2017 NCC board members also took place.

Loye Manning, CPP, PSP and outgoing NCC Chair wished the new Board of Directors of the National Capital Chapter much success in the coming year. The NCC attendees honored Loye with a personalized plaque to thank her for her outstanding continued dedicated service to ASIS, and especially the NCC chapter. Loye swore in the new 2017 Chapter Chair, John Gallagher.

Jim Saulnier, CPP, ARVP, swore in the additional board members for the coming year: Scott Fisher, CPP, PSP, Vice Chair, Brian Glynn, CPP, Sergeant at Arms/Program Chair, Patricia Gallagher, Treasurer, and Denis Lynch, CPP, PSP, Secretary.


Upcoming NCC February Event - E2C2 Luncheon

On February 15th, the NCC monthly luncheon will be held at the American Legion Hall Post 177 in Fairfax, Virginia. A representative from the Export Enforcement Coordination Center will provide background and overview of its activities and information useful to all sectors.

The E2C2 is a multi-agency center with representation from 8 US governmental departments and 15 federal agencies. It serves as the primary point of contact between enforcement authorities and agencies engaged in export licensing, public outreach  and  government-wide statistical tracking.

Watch your email for further details!

January 2017 Meeting Recap: Workplace Violence & Threat Assessment


 The National Capital Chapter held its January meeting at the Global Training Center for Professional Protection and Safety Inc. (CPPS) in Reston Virginia, hosting 60 attendees. 

The meeting kicked off with an introduction by Drew Jenkins, Director of Operations of CPPS highlighting their Certificate Programs for Security Professionals. The keynote speaker, Dr. Russell Palarea, addressed the audience with a timely presentation on Workplace Violence and Threat Assessment.

Dr. Palarea encouraged those engaged in mitigating workplace violence to not put people 'in boxes' and to take a proactive approach. "Threat assessment," Palarea said "is not a crime scene. You cannot investigate something that hasn't happened. It is challenging."
Palarea said an important aspect of this work is to build a network of people who interact with the subject, such as family, friends, coworkers and neighbors, encouraging them to report alarming or unusual behavior or speech of the subject. If possible, building a relationship with the subject and recognizing triggers will enhance the methods used to manage risk.

Dr. Palarea said he would like the group to remember this caveat, that people do not just snap. There is always a pattern of behavior demonstrated  by the subject, long before an ideation is manifested through violence. Background research and involvement of those in close proximity to the subject can be key in mitigating that risk of violence.

Russ speaking
palarea group.2

Member Spotlight: Kathleen Griggs


Kathleen Griggs, President and Founder of Databuoy Corporation, did not have many contacts within the security management community when she first Joined the ASIS National Capital Chapter in the Fall of 2013.

Since that time, Ms. Griggs found that each NCC monthly meeting was not only a rewarding networking event but an educational opportunity through the NCC lecture series. Ms. Griggs credits the guest presenters and attendees for increasing her knowledge on the challenges of the security industry.

Ms. Griggs manages all contractual, administrative, financial and technical oversight aspects of Databuoy operations, and has done so since she founded the company in 2006. Databuoy’s current business focus is centered on ShotPoint, a shooter localization sensor system based on research efforts sponsored by the DOD and being marketed for commercial use. The ShotPoint gunshot localization system is based on an acoustic sensor network that detects gunshots and automatically locates on the source. It works both indoors and outdoors, with the ability to cover areas such as schools, office buildings, retail centers, campuses and parks.

Ms. Griggs is also President and Founder of Puritan Research Corporation, a small consulting services firm formed in 2000. Under Puritan, Ms. Griggs maintained a number of government contracts and a team of consultants and engineers supporting the science and technology programs for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Navy. Ms. Griggs was a consultant to the US Marine Corps Warfighting laboratory and the Institute for Defense Analysis.

As Electronics Engineer/US Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center, Ms. Griggs was the technical manager for the DARPA Warfighter Visualization, Smart Modules and Distributed Robotics programs. Prior to the US Navy, Ms. Griggs was a Systems Engineer and Electronics Engineer for System Planning Corporation and other smaller support contractor companies.

Ms. Griggs said the challenges of being a security product developer centers on maximizing the integrity, performance, and availability of the product. She spends a great deal of time and effort working with partners and end users to find better ways to integrate into their operational environment. Summing up why she enjoys the security management world, Ms. Griggs said “Getting the right answer for a system implementation that ends up saving lives and bettering public safety is a great goal”.

"Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed."

- Cavett Robert


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The ASIS National Capital Chapter official charter was issued on April 27, 1957 and our volunteers have been in constant service to ASIS and our chapter members ever since.

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Derek Radoski
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Chris Czarnowski
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Denis Lynch, CPP, PSP
Newsletter Editor
Patricia Gallagher
Women in Security Liaison
Jacqui Bothma

Upcoming Events
ASIS NCC Annual Countering Terrorism Luncheon
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July 14, 2016
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ASIS NCC Private Security Appreciation
August 17, 2016
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