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NICHQ News August 2016
Why Quality Improvement
Works for Families

Quality improvement (QI) isn't just for system-level change initiatives, it's beneficial for anyone looking to improve their approach to a specific activity. Shu-Chiung Chou, a mother and former nurse, participated in our ABC's of QI course to help her improve her skills as a caregiver for her daughter with special healthcare needs.
Happy Son Being Kissed By Mom

5 Resources for Providers To Help Boost Breastfeeding Support
National Breastfeeding Month in August is an opportunity to call attention to the healthcare system and how it can be improved to support breastfeeding mothers. We’ve compiled five resources to show why breastfeeding is important and how providers can better help every mom who chooses to breastfeed.
Smiling Female Doctor

Improving Provider Education on Sickle Cell Disease Treatments
An interactive, online tool that helps to guide providers and patients in making more informed choices about sickle cell disease (SCD) treatment options aims to increase providers' confidence in treating SCD, a barrier to accessible care for patients with SCD.
Doctor Prescribing Medicine

NICHQ Leading New CoIIN to
Improve Early Childhood Health

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau has chosen NICHQ to be the coordinating center for the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (ECCS CoIIN). Over the next five years, NICHQ will support 12 states as they strive to improve outcomes in young children's developmental health.

Happy Healthy Girl

Sharing Data Between Cities and States Is Key to Improving Health
Data sharing is one of the most significant barriers between city and state health departments when it comes to reducing infant mortality. CityMatCH Senior Project Coordinator Monica Beltran, MPH, explains how cities and states can better collaborate through data.
Sharing Data

How to Encourage Male Involvement in Maternal and Child Health
Paternal figures play a key role in childhood development, and they can also be valuable partners in supporting moms during and after their pregnancy. Kenn Harris, president of the National Healthy Start Association, talked to us about Where Dads Matter, which seeks to encourage men to become more involved in maternal and child health.
Male Involvement

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