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At the World Congress Patient Engagement Summit, Sept. 8-9 in Boston, you can learn how some of the nation’s most innovative hospitals and health systems are engaging the most complex and vulnerable patient populations. NICHQ’s Tom Dahlborg will be a co-chair and featured speaker at the event. Receive $300 off the registration fee when you mention promo code NICHQ.
Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training

This self-paced online advocacy training program teaches healthcare professionals how to advocate for obesity prevention policies that support healthy, active living for children in their communities. Explore more of NICHQ's online learning courses.
> Sharing stories, showing the impact and inspiring you to action. That’s what our new NICHQ website is all about. The big reveal is just weeks away!

> NICHQ launches a new quality improvement project to increase breastfeeding rates in New York. Recruitment for hospital participants is open.

Monthly QI Quiz
Which of the following is NOT an example of spread in an improvement project?
A. One population group to multiple population groups
B. One neighborhood to an entire city
C. One doctor in a practice to additional doctors in that practice
D. One clinic to multiple clinics treating different disease types
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Communicate, Collaborate and
Innovate to Reduce Infant Mortality

Compared to other Western countries, infant mortality in the US is shockingly high. This is a social problem that can only be solved through massive collaboration and out-of-the-box innovation, according to guest blogger, Peter A. Gloor, PhD, from the Center for Collective Intelligence. He believes a good place to start is by connecting parents and healthcare providers in Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs). Read More.

Peter Gloor
Making the Business Case for Hospitals
to Support Breastfeeding Moms

Hospitals that support a mother’s decision to breastfeed and pursue Baby-Friendly designation are finding that the effort holds unexpected benefits. These include higher patient satisfaction scores, enhanced brand recognition, improved market reputation and long-term cost savings. Read More.

4 Tips for Sustaining the Success
of a QI Project

Successful quality improvement efforts aspire to be sustainable: having the new ways of working become the normal ways of working for the team, organization, systems or facility. But sustainability does not happen automatically; it requires planning and ongoing effort so improvements don’t get derailed. Read More.

Run Chart on QI
Staff Mirrors Healthy Habits it Teaches Kids for Greater Emphasis

Fitchburg Community Health Connections of Fitchburg, MA, is tackling the city’s childhood obesity problem from the inside out, with a workplace wellness program. By inspiring staff members to adopt the healthy eating and exercise habits they teach to their patients, the program aims to have a greater influence on the community’s overall health. Read More.

Vegetables On Chopping Block

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