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 MassCUE News                  March 2022

In this issue:

 1.  Still time to register for our Virtual Googlepalooza, month of March 2022
 2.  Featured Educator: Nicole Hart, Cambridge Public Schools

 3.  Corporate Partner Spotlight:  Trafera and Newsela
 4.  Tech & Learning Leadership Summit: No charge for district administrators!
 5.  Influence and Advocacy Update 
 6.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Update
 7.  SIG News
 8.  MassCUE's Digital Educator Recognition Program
 9.  Infobase Learning Cloud  - free with MassCUE Membership
10. Big Deal Media Newsletter


There is still time to register and join us for the MassCUE Virtual Googlepalooza
Our Googlepalooza focuses on ways educators use Google tools to be more effective and efficient. 
All sessions are on-demand to give educators the flexibility to view anytime throughout the month.

    Register Now!     


2. Read about Nicole Hart, Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School

Do you know an educator who has ideas and best practices for remote learning? 

Consider nominating that educator as one of our Featured Educators
 for the 2021-2022 school year.

                                           CorpPartner Spotlight 833x350

3. Corporate Partners Spotlight: Trafera and Newsela

Premier Partner:

At Trafera we go beyond selling classroom tech to truly help our customer transform the learning experience through technology. In addition to providing an entire edtech ecosystem of hardware, software, and services, we also bring our customer support to assist them in meaningfully integrating new technology. From virtual teacher training to ready-made digital lesson plans, Trafera delivers full-picture solutions that foster future-ready teaching and learning. 

What’s more; We are expanding! Trafera is pleased to announce the acquisition of AXI Education Solutions, a leading provider of interactive flat panels, educator professional development, and related products and services to U.S. K-12 school districts across the mid-south. Learn more about this acquisition.  

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Gold Partner: NewselaCropped-300x64

Newsela is an engaging, culturally responsive, and flexible instructional content platform designed to complement your ELA, social studies, and science curriculum.  

Teachers get to pick the content that will take their core instruction to the next level. School and district leaders rest easy knowing it’s all vetted and aligned to standards. It’s a win-win.  

Newsela knows Massachusetts:  

    • Promote deep inquiry in every class with flexible readings for all content areas 
    • Engage all students in authentic civics work with current events at five levels  
    • Open up academic discussions to everyone with differentiated texts and practice  

TALRRT.0021_newsletter assets_18_180x150_NE (1)

       Tech & Learning Leadership Summit

             May 6, 2022 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Tech & Learning is hosting a Leadership Summit at the Connors Center in Dover, MA. District administrators are invited to apply to attend at no charge.  This is an intimate, invitation-only event for district leaders an includes interactive workshops and panel discussions designed to support school planning during this challenging time. 
Find information about this event here and apply for the free event here.


5. Influence and Advocacy Alert: 

The Learning Accelerator created a resource called the Digital Equity Guide. This is a high quality resource that gives school districts the tools and methodology to move toward digital equity in their schools. 


Resources such as a self-assessment tool, reflection and planning workbook, guides for audits and more are available on the site. 


From the Learning Accelerator: "This guide intends to help school and system leaders have meaningful, actionable, and iterative conversations around digital equity to develop concrete plans of action." 

Email Heidi MacGregor or Colleen Terrill  for information on how to share your voice 
in advocacy and get involved with the MassCUE I&A Committee.


6.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Update:  

MassCUE DEI Committee would like to share the following resources to our learning community:

What Pundits Don't Understand About the San Francisco Recall

Unlearning What We've Learned: Embedding Equity in Your Classroom

We look forward to connecting!

Email Andrew Marcinek to learn more about our DEI initiative and committee.


7. Our active SIG Groups include: 

Coaching in Schools
Inclusive Learning
Southeast, Cape & Islands Tech Team (SCITT)
Southeastern MA (SEMSIG)
Tech Integration SIG

Are you interested in starting an eSports SIG?  If so please contact Shelley Chamberlain.

Please check the meeting schedule tab of each SIG's webpage for meeting dates for 2021-2022 school year.

                 MeritBadge-Level01         MeritBadge-Level02        MeritBadge-Level03        MeritBadge-Level04

 8. Digital Educator Recognition Program                 

MassCUE has just updated its badging program with more current and relevant modules. 

MassCUE would like to recognize educators as lifelong learners with our new micro-credentialing program.
Earn up to four 
badge levels, along with added benefits to your MassCUE membership! 
Display badges earned proudly on your website, social media 
and other forms of digital communication! 

More information


9. Infobase Learning Cloud  Free Access Available with MassCUE Membership!

Receive PDPs and fulfill MA re-certification requirements for FREE with your MassCUE Membership using Infobase Learning Cloud. 

Infobase Learning Cloud is an online professional learning system designed to meet the needs of today’s schools. Infobase’s resources help ensure educators have the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to provide engaging, meaningful learning experiences. The resources include short videos as well as self-paced workshops. 

All learning can be done on your own time from anywhere, and you receive your certificate upon completion of the Infobase Learning Cloud module.  Infobase offers a wide range of training webinars.  Be sure to check their library of archived webinars.

Please note new members are added to Infobase the first week of each month. New MassCUE members will receive an email with information on accessing and setting up your account.


10. Big Deal Media Newsletters

MassCUE partners with Big Deal Media to bring you the Big Deal Book of Technology Newsletter, featuring contests, resources, and information designed to bring the power of the web to your classroom.
The Big Deal Book newsletter will give you great ideas for your classroom.

Learn more

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