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This edition of BSI Connection celebrates our first year as the Department Business Strategy and Innovation. We noted the launch of the department back in March and subsequent editions of this newsletter have recorded our journey since then.

In looking back, we can note the addition of several new staff members to the department, particularly in the area of Entrepreneurship. The formation of the Industry Advisory Board has led to many valuable conversations with our very engaged Board members who add great value to our activities. Over the course of 2019 we have celebrated great successes in the research space including several innovative and exciting projects and the launch of a number of grant funded initiatives. In the teaching space a number of staff have won awards and been recognised for their achievements in the scholarship of teaching.

It has been a great year brought about by the hard work of the BSI staff and the support and encouragement of our industry friends. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making the first year of BSI such a success. 

Best wishes to everyone for 2020! 
Professor Rosemary Stockdale  
Head of Department  

BSI welcomes new entrepreneurship lecturer

We are pleased to announce Dr Sara Ekberg will join our entrepreneurship team in January. Sara has a double PhD from Jönköping University in Sweden and Queensland University of Technology and has taught in entrepreneurship in Sweden and Australia.

2019 Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to Dr Yong Wu and Dr Heather Stewart for being awarded a Griffith Grant for Learning and Teaching for their project 'Integrity for Academic Integrity'.

2019 Griffith Business School Pro Vice Chancellor’s Research Excellence Award

Congratulations to Professor Anneke Fitzgerald who received the 2019 Griffith Business School Pro Vice Chancellor's Research Excellence Award for Individual Research Leadership.

Outstanding lecturers recognised

Congratulations to Professor Sara McGaughey for her Citation for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and Associate Professor Stephanie Schleimer and Dr Julienne Senyard for their Highly Commended award for their commitment to quality learning outcomes for students.

2020 Griffith University New Researcher Grant (NRG)

Congratulations to Dr Julienne Senyard for being awarded a 2020 New Researcher Grant for her project 'Resourceful Refugee Entrepreneurs for Community Innovation and Social Impact'

Should ethics be embodied into process design?

What is not clear from modern literature is how to resolve the incompatible underpinning philosophy and ideology of the mechanism of technology with that of existence and purpose of the human being and what impact that would have on business processes behaviour. Recent calls for stronger ethical awareness and behaviour in business dealings have drawn close attention to this problem.

The next AI super power: Why Australia’s regional positioning and global outlook are important to the future of industry

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first human to land on the moon, a feat that was achieved by the US with a desperate motivation to beat the Russians’ space advances. In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the battleground of supremacy between the US and China. Amid the trade war triggered by both political and economic manoeuvres against each other, the rivalry culminated with the arrest of the daughter of Huawei’s chief officer and the daughter of its founder in December 2018.

Digital-enabled: Technology-driven innovation for a sustainable future

Australia is uniquely positioned as a trusted partner to enable responsible leadership of digital transformation in top global businesses, while providing a regional perspective and expertise to work with the top 5 export markets in Asia. Learning from the sequence of events that led to the ban on Huawei’s 5G technologies out of concerns on data privacy and espionage, Australia should have its own strategy for China’s AI empowered businesses, instead of reacting to the decisions made by the US or Europe. 

How does digital transformation change the way we approach our potential customers?

A few years ago, if you said that digital systems would make it ridiculously easy to communicate your message to customers you would have been laughed out of the room. The idea that authenticity and engagement drive sales is nothing new. However, the way we go about discussing business ideas or even engaging with potential customers has radically shifted in the past few years. 

Spatial assemblage: Diversity and connectedness of key actors in the waste recycling system in Brazil

To appreciate how a spatial assemblage (recycling waste management system) is constructed, it is necessary to look at how practices, performed by bundles of humans and non-humans, inside and outside households interact. Drawing on Michael Callon (2008)’s concept of agencement, Dr Gustavo Guzman is exploring the idea of spatial agencing with regard to the actor-network connections in recycling waste management.

Earth has a couple more chances to avoid catastrophic climate change. This week is one of them.

Almost 200 world leaders gather in Madrid this week for climate talks which will largely determine the success of the Paris agreement, and by extension, the extent to which the planet will suffer under climate change. Negotiations at the so-called COP25 will focus on finalising details of the Paris Agreement. Nations will haggle over how bold emissions reductions will be, and how to measure and achieve them.

Research impact in the UK: Insights from a seasoned campaigner

With the inaugural assessment of engagement and impact for the Australian Research Council – Excellence in Research Awards (ERA) 2018, and a continuing focus on this area of assessment some insights can be found in the UK where universities are rated on impact for their Research Excellence Framework (REF).

SDGs shape the agenda for research and engagement

The Department of Business Strategy and Innovation (BSI) held its 2019 research and engagement retreat on 9 October at the Cohort Space at the Gold Coast. Professor Rosemary Stockdale opened the retreat in the morning with Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor David Grant, and Dean Research, Professor Andrew O’Neil, with a team building activity and an open floor panel. 

Vulnerable women supported by Griffith business program

Empowering women aged 50 and over with the skills and knowledge to start micro-businesses is the aim of a Griffith University project. Sisters Support Business Together, created and led by Dr Dhara Shah, from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation, recently welcomed its second group of Sisters following a successful first class in early 2019. A success story from the first Sisters group is Lorraine. She is planning to start her own online home décor store on Shopify, which will sell predominantly horse-themed products.

Negotiations of the past, lessons for today?

Dr Larry Crump from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation is currently examining a network of bilateral free trade negotiations involving Chile, the EU, Singapore and the US through the use of linkage theory to demonstrate how differing strategic choices involving position coordination, concession management and cooperative action are managed in a linkage-rich environment.

Hearing children’s voices in intergenerational learning and practice

Children are active participants in intergenerational care learning opportunities and programs, however, children’s agency within these programs is often not clear. The Intergenerational Care Project have co-authored a chapter on this topic titled ‘Hearing children’s voices in intergenerational learning and practice’.

The circular economy: adopting a circular approach that focuses more on quality

What is an economy? Not many people ask this question. Most people just go about their lives buying things or paying for experiences and exist inside an economy defined by where it is and how many things and experiences are exchanged. If the economy was a person the continual increased exchanges of good and services may indicate increasing financial wealth but has nothing to do with the health of that person. When we ask a person how they are we don’t expect to hear the person give us a number indicating the amount of financial exchanges they have had. We expect a type of answer about the quality of their life at that moment.

Doctoral symposium enables PhD candidates to showcase their research

The inaugural BSI Doctoral Symposium was held at South Bank campus on Monday 25th November, followed by a networking event at the Ship Inn. Seven PhD candidates presented their research topics throughout the day, including strategies for entrepreneurship, change management, and technology adoption.

Logistics students go ‘the last mile’ with Lime Scooters

Dr Luciane Albertani from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation and her Business Logistics students recently welcomed Mr Lakshya Jaiwardhane as a guest speaker from Lime Scooters who talked about the startup company and the logistics of its local and global operations. Leading micro-mobility into the future, Lime is on the cutting edge of clean, accessible urban transportation. 

Students pitch innovative business ideas to panel of diverse experts

One of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur is their ability to spark an interest in their idea and convince others to support it. Without this skill, great ideas may never evolve.

PhD candidate receives award for publication

Recently commenced PhD candidate Nehemia Sugianto was the first author of the best runner-up paper titled 'Continuous learning without forgetting for person re-identification' at the International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance (AVSS) in Taipei in September.

Griffith Innovation Challenge: Sustainability meets technology

Congratulations to business students Hannah Licciardo, Makoto Tanabe and Jordan Gifford who received the first prize in the Griffith Innovation Challenge held at COHORT recently. The Challenge is a 10 credit point course that gives students the tools and time to develop an idea for a new product, service or business model that has potential to make a real difference in the world. The winning team’s idea ‘Envirofil’ was to create 3D printing filament made entirely from recycled plastic waste—a combination of sustainability and technology advancements.

Promoting bilateral opportunities between Australia and Brazil

Rodrigo De Luca, PhD candidate and Vice President of the Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce Inc was keynote speaker at the 5th Hola Networking Business Expo 2019 in Brisbane on 30 October promoting bilateral opportunities between Australia and Latin America. 

Collaboration for impact: 2019 Pacific Urban Forum

PhD candidate Rebecca McNaught attended the 2019 Pacific Urban Forum in Fiji in July as an Associate with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. Rebecca moderated a sustainable development session and was a member of the outcomes document committee. 

Gold Coast businesses present a series of masterclasses on entrepreneurship

At the Gold Coast recently, students studying the Griffith Innovation Challenge and Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventures were given the opportunity to take part in a series of three masterclasses on being an entrepreneur. The first masterclass, delivered by Steve Dunn, founder of Digital Keys highlighted the need to be aware of environmental issues such as changes in government regulations and laws. Digital Keys is a complete end-to-end NB IoT smart access solution.  

Digital transformation through realising good dividends

The Industry 4:0 revolution will substantially change business and society. The opportunity provided by this revolution is not just simply a matter of improving either productivity or profitability; rather it can enable a substantial transformation of business in society. On Thursday 28 November, the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation joined with the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise to host Professor Steve Kempster from Lancaster University (UK) to present a seminar on “Digital transformation through realising good dividends”.

Building a more sustainable world cannot be done in isolation

At the recent CR3+ conference, Dr Heather Stewart and Dr Rob Hales got creative as they facilitated a workshop Exploring challenges and priorities of embedding SDGs in business schools using Lego SeriousPlay© focused on building relationships and collaboration.

Round Table discussion on international scholarship collaboration offers valuable insights for Australia Awards scholars

Recipients of the Australia Awards International Scholarship Collaboration Short Term Award participated in a Round Table discussion led by a team of experts including Dr Anne Cullen and Professor Dian Tjondronegoro.

Indian innovators boot camp in Cairns

Phase 2 of the Indian Innovators project involved bringing a select group of Indian Masterclass participants to Queensland for a week-long, cross-cultural entrepreneurs’ boot-camp held in Cairns in partnership with Central Queensland University.

Women innovators masterclass in Bangalore

Professor Michelle Barker and Dr Dhara Shah conducted a masterclass at Young Indians (YI) Bangalore for Indian women entrepreneurs. As part of the Indian Innovators project, the objective is to build cross-cultural and international employability capabilities and develop a global entrepreneurial mindset. They are pictured above with Gitesh Agarwal (TIQ), Nigam, Neelish, Sangeetha and Ajith (YI) and Aditi (Austrade).

Indian women entrepreneurs share their journey

Professor Michelle Barker and Dr Dhara Shah joined Study Queensland and Trade Investment Queensland to host a delegation of ten female entrepreneurs from India who shared their journey with participants of a panel discussion at Cohort, Gold Coast. Pictured above (L-R) are Associate Professor Ki-Hoon Lee, Tanya Unni (award winning young entrepreneur), Dr Dhara Shah, Eliza Job (entrepreneur), Professor Michelle Barker and David Harland (FINH).

A heart-warming experiment raising our national movement for intergenerational playgroups

Following the new series “Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds” the ABC hosted a screening of the final episode at Parliament House to showcase the results from the series. Among the speakers, Professor Anneke Fitzgerald  spoke about the overwhelming interest and outcomes intergenerational programs offer.

Sustainable business expert keynote speaker for Australia Bangladesh Trade Conference

Dr Tapan Sarker was keynote speaker at the Australia Bangladesh Trade Conference where he spoke on the topic of 'Enabling investment for sustainable economic growth in Bangladesh'. The conference provided an avenue to discuss opportunities and challenges to boost bilateral trade and investment in various sectors.  

Transformative leadership for the circular economy

Dr Rob Hales hosted the first of a series of 'Transformative Leadership for the Circular Economy' courses in collaboration with Coreo and Ken Webster from the Centre for the Circular Economy, University of Exeter. The mix of government, industry, NGOs, academics and sustainability consultants was perfect to advance the circular economy in Australia. 

IndOz Festival 2019

Dian Tjondronegoro, Peter Woods and Colin Brown met with the the Indonesian Ambassador Kristiarto Legowo and the Indonesian Consul General, Heru Hartanto Subolo at Brisbane’s IndOz Festival 2019.

Visiting researcher at Gothenburg Research Institute

As part of his stay at Gothenburg, Sweden, Gustavo Guzman presented a paper on Spacial Assemblage at the 2019 Nordic Academy of Management, University of Vaasa, Finland.
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