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Reel structure and glossary of terms

This article will discuss how to achieve proper parent reel structure, i.e. how to make a nice tight roll that will handle being stored on the floor, run through a winder, multinip calender or off machine coater. First we'll describe what good roll structure is, then we'll review some terminology.

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Reeling parameters

Reeling parameters are determined case by case according to local conditions. Contributing factors include properties of paper or board, such as smoothness, stiffness, compressibility and friction coefficient, parent roll size, handling method, storage time and running speed. The three reeling parameters are nip load, web tension and peripheral force.

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Reel problem situations, defects and remedies

Faults or variations in the moisture content or thickness profile, paper filler variations, coating defects, and strong calendering may cause problems on the reel.

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