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NICHQ News October 2015
Holding the Gains Without the Pains
You are nearing the end of an 18-month long learning collaborative in which your team made a lot of changes at your facility. You have new processes and renewed energy—and it shows in the data you are collecting. But how does your team keep from backsliding on the progress it's made?

  QI Tips: Holding QI Gains

Building Care Bridges to Benefit Breastfeeding Mothers
Educating expecting mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding before they enter the hospital increases the likelihood mothers will choose the beneficial feeding method. However, building bridges between care providers, community groups and hospitals can be surprisingly difficult. One New York community has figured it out.
  Pregnant Women In Support Group

Why Applying QI Techniques to
Non-Clinical Data Makes Sense

Surveillance data can be rich data sources for quality improvement (QI) efforts, says NICHQ blogger Sabrina Selk. "When we combine QI and epidemiology skill sets, we add an important layer of understanding that can only improve our ability to deliver effective and evidence-based programs and policies to improve the health of children."
  Data Overload

The Vision That Ties Us Together
NICHQ's new CEO, Scott Berns, MD, MPH, reflects on a vision that resonates and inspires. "I will do everything within my power to continue NICHQ’s legacy of making improvements that matter in the lives of all children and families."
  Scott Berns, CEO

Diaper Vouchers Add Incentive for Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking
It is not exactly cold hard cash, but don’t poo poo it. Free diapers are enough of an incentive to encourage pregnant women to quit smoking and stay quit. 
  Smoking Cessation In Pregnant Women

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