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Welcome to the first BSI Connections newsletter of 2020. This year promises to be an exciting one for BSI and the Business School. There is a great deal of activity in preparing the new Bachelor of Business that will be launched in 2021. This includes a revision of our majors to ensure we are delivering the most relevant content possible in the most effective way for our students. The workplaces of the future will be very different from those we have experienced to date and it is essential that we constantly review our courses to ensure our graduates are prepared for the changing world. BSI staff are also looking at how we embed technology into the business curriculum with a view to developing essential knowledge for leading and managing organisations. 

This theme of technology is also visible in our research as shown by the lead story on robotics and healthcare. There are several other research projects underway in the department including intergenerational care, empowering women in business and climate change. Bringing together other areas of expertise to develop interdisciplinary projects is a key focus of 2020 and something that we will feature in our blogs and newsletters.

Best wishes to everyone for the coming year.
Rosemary Stockdale
Head of Department
Congratulations to Associate Professor Stephanie Schleimer who has been appointed as MBA Director from March 2020 to March 2022.Stephanie has been teaching in the program for over ten years and was Acting MBA Director during the first half of 2019. Stephanie is passionate about ensuring the MBA continues to lead nationally and internationally in terms of its value-based focus.
Congratulations to Associate Professor Naomi Birdthislte who received a commended award under the Emerald Interdisciplinary Impact Grant 2019 for her project Enterprising Women in Rural Regions. The year-long project, led by Professor Robyn Eversole from Swinburne University of Technology, had team members from Tasmania, Victoria and Sarawak (Malaysia). 

Staff undertake international culinary research

The BSI team came together for a fun and educational afternoon recently, learning about each other's knowledge of international food and cooking skills with a pot-luck lunch on the Nathan campus. Dishes included Singaporean chicken curry, vegetarian biryani, Indonesian beef rendang, gulab jamun, dumplings, watermelon salad, vegan lasagne and more.

Connecting culture and robotic technology: The future of aged care in Australia

A new study is underway to explore the benefits of robotic technologies for enhancing wellbeing,  independence, and quality of life of older adults from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. An expert team, led by Associate Professor Gloria Ge and Associate Professor Stephanie Schleimer has successfully completed the first trial of the study at Gold Coast. 

Enterprise + STEM: Encouraging girls to imagine boundless entrepreneurial opportunities

A team of academics have created an online educational resource “ENTERPRISE + STEM” to help girls imagine their potential futures through educational materials and showcasing talented women who have turned their passion for STEM into enterprising careers. Associate Professor Naomi Birdthistle, along with colleagues from Swinburne University and the University of Tasmania, has recently completed a year-long research project funded by the Invergowrie Foundation in Melbourne, Victoria.

Risk management analysis for novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, China

Recently, a novel coronavirus pneumonia (2019–nCoV) outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China, rapidly spreading first to the whole country, and then globally, causing widespread concern. On 31 December 2019, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission released a report stating that 27 cases of pneumonia had occurred in Wuhan. These pneumonia patients were associated with the Wuhan South China seafood market and, according to the initial analysis, the disease was viral pneumonia.

How to get an intergenerational program up and running

Since beginning the Griffith University intergerational care project in 2017, the interest in intergenerational programs has grown immensely and there is a ground swell with building momentum within child care and aged care sectors, governments and among the general community. Program Lead, Professor Anneke Fitzgerald stated that one of the questions most commonly asked while conducting the research was: “How do we get an intergenerational program up and running in our service?”

Enterprising women in rural regions

Rural women from a range of backgrounds aspire to start and grow enterprises but face socio-cultural barriers to success. Associate Professor Naomi Birdthistle from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation has joined colleagues in a research project to identify promising ways forward to overcome these barriers. 

Developing a global entrepreneurial mindset among Indian and Queensland women

A group of 10 women entrepreneurs from across India completed an intensive week-long bootcamp as part of Griffith University’s program titled ‘Going Global – Enhancing the Intercultural Business Capabilities of Queensland and Indian Women Entrepreneurs’, led by Dr Dhara Shah and Professor Michelle Barker.

Startup accelerators: Propelling entrepreneurs to maximise success

Startup accelerators are fixed-term, cohort-based programs that include seed investment, networking opportunities, mentoring, educational components, and culminate in a public pitch event or demo day to accelerate growth. Accelerator programs have become one of the most powerful and valuable resources for entrepreneurs seeking to learn rapidly, build powerful networks, raise capital, build their startups… and do it at speed and scale.
David Pich, Chief Executive of the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand

Institute of Managers and Leaders partnership boosts Griffith Business students’ employability

“If you don’t get leadership right, it’s almost impossible for your business to succeed,” says David Pich, Chief Executive of the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ). It’s for this reason that he believes the Institute’s partnership with Griffith Business School is giving students the skills they need to give them an edge in the ever-changing employment market.

PhD candidate awarded grant to research ethical decision making in Indigenous financial markets

At the recent Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN), Clare Burns, PhD candidate and sessional academic in the Department was awarded an ABEN-Ecstra grant to research ethical decision making in financial markets. The grant allocation was competitive and underwent international peer review.

Building together: Seven principles for engaging civil society to deliver resilient, inclusive and sustainable infrastructure in the Pacific islands

A new report launched in Canberra last month, written by PhD Candidate, BSI Rebecca McNaught, Dr Wesley Morgan,  Sally Baker, Fulori Manoa and Jope Tarai argues that the Australian Government’s push to finance infrastructure in the Pacific must ensure positive and lasting development outcomes. Pictured above is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade panel which focused on ‘NGOs and Civil Society’ at the ANU Australasian AID Conference 2020 including two co-authors, Sally Baker (far left) and Rebecca McNaught, (far right).

Managing creativity in organisations

We spend a lot of time talking of the need for innovation within workplaces... but before innovation can be implemented, creativity needs to occur. BSI PhD candidate and sessional lecturer, Clare Burns talks  with Dr Cathryn Lloyd, founder of Maverick Minds, to discuss managing creativity  in organisations - it can be a reality - even for people who insist they are not the creative or innovative type.

Australian expansion plans for internationally based graduate

Many people work towards their dream of creating and steering their own company but few achieve that only a few short years after graduating, and then look to expand internationally. Griffith University Masters of International Business graduate Jacob Hansen Karaduman proves it is indeed possible, and hopes to inspire others to follow his footsteps. He has shaken up the Scandinavian loan industry as co-founder and director of fin-tech company Enklare, which now employs around 150 people.

Griffith experts visit Australia’s first purpose-built intergenerational care facility

Visiting the construction site of the first Australian purpose-built intergenerational care facility in Wellington in New South Wales was on the agenda for Professor Anneke Fitzgerald and Dr Katrina Radford from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation who delivered a workshop on intergenerational care to members of the aged care facility.

Australia-Indonesia scholarship collaboration builds goodwill between education providers

The International Scholarship Collaboration (ISC) program was a joint effort by Griffith University and Australia Award Indonesia, aimed at building collaboration between Indonesian education scholarship providers, as well as enhancing international partnerships with Australian education providers. The program ran from September 2019 to February 2020, with pre-course, on-course, and post-course elements. 

Griffith makes tracks to Aalto University, Finland

Associate Professor Naomi Birdthistle recently delivered a course on Business Consulting in the Global Economy to students at Aalto University-Mikkeli campus. The focus of the course was on the nature and role of business consulting, along with specific issues common to business consulting. It is an applied course in which students act as ​consultants for businesses that may have an international focus and have identified a ​problem or opportunity that needs solving. 

Study Tour for Academics and Mobility Practitioners (STAMP)

Dr Amanda Daly attended STAMP 2020 in Suva, Fiji to learn more about Pacific culture and the Australia-Fiji relationship. Topics includes partner collaboration; local logistics; risk and safety; cultural engagement; and working in the Pacific.

Intergenerational care in the

Professor Anneke Fitzgerald welcomed local member, Brooke Patterson to discuss ways local government can support the intergenerational care program and facilitate connections within the community

Sisters support business together

Dr Dhara Shah invited Liesl Fillippi, Partnerships and Community Engagement Manager, QUT HerHub, to be the guest speaker at the launch of the 4th round of the Sisters Project to empower women 50+ with the skills and knowledge to start their own micro-businesses.

Sustainability and systems thinking

Associate Professor Tapan Sarker recently facilitated a workshop on sustainability and systems thinking in for the Postgraduate Program in Management at the Management Development Institute, Murshidabad after presenting a session on research identity and impact pathway at the 13th Indus Business Academy international conference "Markcon 2020" at Bengaluru, India.
The Impact Tech summit will bring together leading international and Australian entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and practitioners working around accelerating the growth of Technology for Good. We will share best practices, create new partnerships and build a stronger cross-sector community around Impact tech.
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