Newsletter #3

Dear STORM community,
The STORM project is in the last 3rd of the project duration and the STORM team is happy to showcase what has been achieved so far.

We continue working on fine-tuning the controller: STORM controller version 2 has been launched, which uses a more advanced version of the planner and includes upgrades for both the forecaster and tracker. Also, the performance data of the deomonstration sites is currently under analysis and soon first results on the controller’s performance will be available. Together with innovative business models, this should ensure the wide-scale rollout of the controller.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the latest updates!

The STORM Consortium Members


Visit the STORM Demonstration Site in Rottne, Sweden!

The local heating plant in Rottne, a city close to Växjö, is one of the STORM demo sites and this year the plant has its twenty year anniversary!
To celebrate this, STORM project partner Växjö Energie, organises an open house on 26th of August. During that day you can experience guided tours of the local heating plant, you can find out how the production works and learn about the impact of the smart district heating controller.

More info on the open day

The visits target customers of the heating network and other interested locals, as well as local policy-makers, industry experts and professionals working on energy efficiency and renewables.

DHC+ Summer School with STORM involvement

This year, the International DHC+ Summer School for students and young professionals is hosted by STORM coordinator EnergyVille/VITO from 27 August to 2 September in Genk, Belgium.

A whole day of the summer school will be dedicated to STORM: participants will visit the STORM demonstration site in Heerlen, the Netherlands, a highly innovative geothermal district heating grid. And Christian Johansson (NODA) will explain the STORM controller in a dedicated lecture.

Free Trainings on Digitalisation of DHC for Professionals and Universities

Free training courses on technical and non-technical issues around smart DHC networks will be offered in a number of EU-countries and via webinars. The courses for professionals include topics such as planning, business models, legislative issues, permitting, consumer and social aspects, contracting, development and operation of DHC systems, ICT control frameworks for DHC networks, demand and energy balancing. Learn from best practices and experience of our experts!

More information

Furthermore, an educational package on digitalisation and DHC networks to be reused by other Universities of Applied Science is under development. Stay tuned!

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STORM will be at the following events in 2017. Meet us!

DHC+ Summer School - 27/08–02/09 - Hasselt, BE
3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems & 4DH - 12-13/09 - Copenhagen, DK
SHC 2017 Conference & ISES Solar World Congress 2017 - 29/10–02/11 - Abu Dhabi, UAE

CELSIUS Summit: The Power of Networks - 27-28/11 - Gothenburg, SE

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