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A Message from
Higher Things Conferences

Dear Group Leaders,

This is the second informational email you are receiving. There is a link to the last email below the text of this email for your reference. 

We’re one week closer to the conference! That’s one less week to wait for a fantastic week of worshiping, learning, and having a blast! 

Background Checks

An email has gone out to the Group Leaders regarding the Higher Things background check policy. Remember that the documentation for completed background checks for every person who will be 21 and over at the time of the conference must be sent to Crysten Sanchez (electronically is preferred) by May 1, 2019. We are happy to help with this procedure! Please contact us with any questions and concerns that you may have, or if you have not yet received the email with instructions. 

Note also that the background checks usually have a 24-hour turnaround.

Deaf Friendly Conference

We are excited to have our fourth annual deaf-friendly conference this summer! Please join us at Concordia University in Chicago, IL (July 2-5, 2019) to participate. We will have interpreters at all worship services and plenary sessions, as well as at least one breakout per session. In order to help us be prepared, please alert us if you have any registrants who will be using these services this summer. We want to make sure to do everything we can to make this a wonderful experience for your group! 

Sensory Friendly Rooms Available 

We are also very excited to announce that this is the third year we will be offering sensory friendly rooms at every conference. We understand that there are many youth and adults who may get overwhelmed with the crowds, noise, and general conference activity. We will be providing a quiet room with de-stressing activities, low lights, Bibles and Catechisms, and other opportunities for individuals to take a moment to recover themselves if needed. They will be clearly marked and open the duration of the conference. 

Coming Soon: Information regarding additional days, registration  and information on Higher Things for a Day passes

Conferences will be here before we know it. I hope you’re all getting as excited as we are! See you this summer! 


Sandra Madden and Crysten Sanchez

Conference Executive and Conference Coordinator
Higher Things, Inc.

2019 Concordia Logo

“The Word of the Lord endures forever.”
(1 Peter 1:25)

“Concordia.” It literally means “with one heart” in Latin. The Church is unified around the confession of Jesus as our Lord and Savior like a congregation singing together in many different parts but singing the same song together in perfect harmony.

Concordia isn’t just a feeling that we are one. It’s not only something that we strive to have. We don’t sacrifice what we believe in order to be unified. True Concord is always centered around the confession of Christ and Him crucified!

God speaks. We receive His words into our ears. He gives our tongues the words to say to Him and to those around us. We repeat, together, His Words back to Him. We sing them, we confess them, all agreeing together, “with one heart and voice” our confession of Jesus!

In a world where youth are tempted to compromise, Higher Things is excited to plan our 2019 Conferences centered on the theme of the Church and Unity.

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