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June 20, 2014
Volume 14
Issue 19


MEMBER FEEDBACK WANTED   The public policy team is currently evaluating our Action Alert process and looking for ways to engage more members. Please take a few minutes (less than 10) to provide us feedback

NEW ADVOCACY APP   The new FBACT | Farm Bureau Advocacy App is live and available for download in both the Apple and Android stores. The app can be found via the following links or by searching “FBACT” or “Farm Bureau Advocacy” in your respective app store.

FBACT | Farm Bureau Advocacy App

Android FBACT | Farm Bureau Advocacy App 

The FBACT | Farm Bureau Advocacy App features the following:

  • Built-in take action center.
  • Talking points for Farm Bureau issues.
  • Social media sharing tools.
  • Access to advocacy videos.
  • A scheduler that allows the user to add events to his/her personal calendar.
  • An interactive congressional directory.
  • Live updates from the Farm Bureau Twitter feed.
  • An integrated feedback form.                       


RULE PROPOSAL TO EXPAND REACH OF FEDERAL WATER REGULATION   Puddles, ponds, ditches, ephemerals (land that looks like a small stream during heavy rain but is not wet most of the time) and isolated wetlands dot Indiana’s farmland. The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on March 25 issued a proposed rule that would expand its regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act to these types of land features and waters, giving the agencies the power to dictate land use decisions and farming practices in or near them. If this rule is adopted, it has potential to affect how you farm, whether you can spray or fertilize your fields without a permit, whether you can build a fence or farm pond, and restrict how you maintain drainage. Comments must be submitted to EPA by Oct. 20. We need your voice.

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