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November 2018 WMCA E-News

Monthly E-Newsletter for WMCA Members

Issue 10, Volume 2018

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Fall WMCA District Meetings coming up:

District 3 - December 6 at Black River Falls

 Exciting News from
UW-GB Govt Affairs

Click here to check out the new Facebook page for the UW-GB Government Affairs office.

Have you checked out our Facebook page?
Have you had a chance to check out the WMCA Facebook Page?  President Michaels has assigned a member to each day of the week to bring you some great ideas and information.  Check it out!

Monday – Motivations

Tuesday – Productivity Tips

Wednesday-Wonders of Clerk World

Thursday-Thirsty for Education

Friday-Professional Peep of the Week  [You can also see the Peep of the Week on the WMCA website.]


Certification Deadline:
 The next deadline to send in your certification applications is March 1st, 2019.

About Us

To be the premier source for the personal empowerment of municipal clerks in Wisconsin through education, professional development, and the promotion of excellence.

Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Assoc.


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Kelly Michaels
President's Message

THANKFUL: It is almost December and Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Yikes!   Amongst the post-election work, audits, budgets and preparing for tax collection that will start in a few short weeks, time has just flown by.   Most of us will take a brief rest.   We will eat entirely too much turkey with stuffing; spend quality time with our families and friends; reflect upon the many blessings we’ve received this year; and shop until we drop!   I am very thankful for each of you!  I know you work tirelessly to make sure our professional reputation is one with the highest of integrity and excellence.  Many times you do your job so well that no one takes notice.   Believe me they notice when things are not going well and it is not the attention you want to get.   So keep up the good work.  I thank you for a job well done!

LOOKING FOR A LEADER OR A RISING STAR:   Are you interested in providing leadership to a committee that will be studying improvements on how we deliver education to our members?   We’ve had a minor set back in our original plans but we think with the right person we could get right back on track.   I remember there were quite a few of you out there that had offered your assistance to me back at the conference.   At that time, I didn’t have any openings so you told me all I had to do was ask…. so I’m asking.  I need you!   Our AdHoc Committee to study Video technologies just needs someone like you who can get the conversation started and get our vision back on track.    Call me or drop me an email.  This is important work and I will help you get started.   

CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?  Our Legislative partners at the State need your expertise in order to do their jobs!   Introduce yourself to your State Assemblyman and State Senator to establish a relationship and offer your subject matter expertise.   Providing respectful feedback about what you need to do your job better or how a certain proposal impacts your profession, municipality or residents is critical in establishing a professional relationship of trust with your Legislators.  We can and do speak as the WMCA organization but the power also lies in your hands.   You are important to your legislator as they are representing your district.    Open those lines of communication.  Together we can make an impact.
Expert in Everything
Kelly Michaels WCMC/CMC
2018-2019 WMCA President

 Have You Seen the Peeps?!?!

Have you seen the new weekly feature on our WMCA website and Facebook page - it's called "Clerk Professional Peep of the Week."  It’s a fun way for each of us to get to know those we may never meet, what community they serve and hear some interesting facts about both!  The featured person can be anyone in the Clerk's World; F-T, P-T, Deputy, Election Specialist, Treasurer, Admin/Clerk, Admin Asst ......

1st Vice President Diane Coenen has overseen the weekly feature and she has told me, “We are out of Peeps!!”  But that is impossible with all the wonderful clerks that are members of the WMCA.  It’s your turn.  Please sign up to be a “Peep”.

What do you need to do to become a Peep of the Week?  Download a fillable Peep of the Week Questionnaire, fill it out and email it to Diane Coenen, along with a head-shot of yourself.

So what are you waiting for!  Click here to download a fillable Peep of the Week Questionaire.

State Department Updates
 - From the Department of Revenue - Alcohol Form Update

Currently, the department's alcohol beverage license application forms appear on the Revenue webpage as both a flat form and an electronic  fill-in version of the form (See AT-106 Flat form and AT-106 Fill-in Form). Both documents can be downloaded, copied and printed to be submitted when applying for an alcohol beverage license.  As the content and layout are the same whether the user prints the flat form or the fill-in version of the form, there is unnecessary duplication on our webpage.  In our continuing effort to improve the Revenue webpage, making it more user-friendly and easier to locate information, we plan to remove the flat forms from the Alcohol Beverage License Forms Page.   I wanted you to be aware of our plans and ask you to post this notice on the Clerk's List Serve.  If any clerks have concerns with this change, please ask them to contact me.  Questions or concerns can be forwarded to me at:  

Tom Ourada
Revenue Tax Specialist
(608) 266-8875

- From the Wisconsin Ethics Commission

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission has recently updated its Local Candidates Campaign Finance Committee Manual. The last update was done in 2016. Most of the updates are small—relating to changing “Government Accountability Board” to “Wisconsin Ethics Commission,” or updating the names of forms. However, the largest change is to the portion on completing a registration statement, beginning on page 3.

We are aware that the new format of the campaign finance registration statement (CF-1) may come with questions from your local candidates. The following information regarding the registration statement is provided in the Local Candidate Campaign Finance Committee Manual. Click here for the Registration Form and detailed Instructions

Please include the attached updated manual with the information that you are planning to provide your local candidates. The updated manual is also included on our Candidate Committee Overview page and in our resources section.  If you have further questions please contact our office and we would be happy to clarify them for you.

Caroline M. Russell
Ethics Specialist
Wisconsin Ethics Commission
Campaign Finance | Lobbying | Ethics | (608) 266-8123| Twitter:

 Applause  Congratulations!
To the Newest
Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerks

 The WMCA Certification Committee met on October 17 to review the following applicants for the WCMC certification.  Congratulations to the following new certified members!

Michelle Brecht, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Waldo

Jennifer Broich, Deputy Clerk, Village of Ashwaubenon

Sara Bruckman, Clerk, Village of Shorewood

Caren Brustmann, Deputy Clerk, Village Of Whitefish Bay

Sonja Byrne, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Trempealeau

Jean Grosse, Clerk/Treasurer, Town Of Brazeau

Jamie Ja