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NICHQ News April 2016
WIC Reps Serve as Foot Soldiers for Spreading Breastfeeding Resources
An ongoing initiative in Texas is bringing consistent, accurate education about breastfeeding to urban and rural hospitals to ensure that every new mom has access to the correct information.

3 Tips For Transforming Data Into Visuals That Tell a Clear Story
A big part of gaining buy-in, enabling change or effectively explaining progress depends on how data is presented. Learn how to turn your data into engaging and clear visuals. 

  Julius Anastasio

South Carolina Promotes LARCs to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies
Within the South Carolina Medicaid population, almost 79 percent of women defined their pregnancy as unintended. Now the state is promoting long-acting, reversible contraceptives to help women improve their reproductive health.
  Pregnant Woman Visiting Doctor

4 Strategies for Building A Public Health Social Movement
Forget the old marketing strategy of shouting loud and often. When it comes establishing a public health social movement, you need to develop a clear message to share with everyone through the right channels.
  4 Strategies for Building Social Health Movement

Healthy Weight Initiative Focuses On Healthy Lifestyles, Not Weight
A community initiative in Massachusetts is teaching children how to monitor sleep routines, fruit and veggie intake, screen time, physical activity and sweetened beverages in an effort to emphasize healthy lifestyles.
  Girl Getting Certificate

Webinar to Offer Recommendations for Promoting Socioemotional Health
Socioemotional development in young children has significant implications on their long-term wellness. Primary care practices can help evaluate this development and support parents to ensure that families understand socioemotional health.
  Mother And Infant With Pediatrician

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