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Monthly Dose for the Monthly Close

For the Evolving Accounting Department

November 2013


About ART

ART equips executives with striking insight into their balance sheet by transforming the account reconciliation process.  Do away with spreadsheets, crazy emailing and manual distractions.  Enjoy ART's powerful workflow management and reporting tools to automate account reconciliations and become more productive without ever installing software.


Three Ways to Torture Your CFO

Redefining Management's Expectations on Quality, Productivity and Cost of Maintaining a Healthy Balance Sheet


We Know That...

Adopting new technology is a big change.  That’s why we offer different ways to help you decide if ART is right for your accounting group. 

Watch a short video on what we do, how ART works and the ways you can benefit.

Schedule a private demo for your group to see how ART can transform your account reconciliation process without breaking the bank. 

See if ART can drive productivity and automation into your monthly close by lightening workload, standardizing and creating total transparency.

When Homemade Isn't Great

  Nancy Wu, Head of Client Service

For the past few years, for Halloween, I attempt to make my son’s costume by hand.  For someone with no sewing skills, I’m oddly confident wielding a pair of scissors and a glue stick.  As long as trick-or-treating is conducted in an orderly manner (i.e., normal walking pace, no wild arm-waving), our costume survives.  Here’s the problem though, it's hard to ask a kid not to run and jump, especially after eating all that candy.  Thanksgiving is another time when I insist on homemade.   Some years the gravy is awesome; other years it’s completely forgotten.  The hectic and complicated aspect of the day is part of the fun.

Don’t let your Close process be like my Halloween costume and Thanksgiving dinners: A home grown process that is not robust enough to anticipate and systematically absorb organizational growth and unexpected events.  A process like this is typically highly manual, where the staff is burdened with performing transactional or administrative activities by hand.  It also tends to be non-transparent.  Issues tend to sneak up unexpectedly, and the need to “put out fires” and hold impromptu meetings become part of daily routine. 

If you’re making costumes and hosting holiday dinners this year, consider simplifying life at work through automation.

We Think You Should Get Out More

At SkyStem, we believe that account reconciliations shouldn’t get in the way of life.  We help you get them done fast, get them done right, so you can get out of the office and on with your life!

See how we can help automate and streamline your month-end account reconciliations.



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