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Don't miss out on the first Spring Board Networking Event and Property Management Masterclass on May 16, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Registration Fees:
Property Management Masterclass l 1PM to 4PM : Members (Complimentary), Non-Members (USD 200)

Spring Board Networking Event l 6PM - 8PM: Members and Non-Members (Complimentary)

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What is Property Management Masterclass?
This half-day masterclass is designed to prepare participants for the complex and vital role in creating value. Participants will learn how to build and manage relationships with key stakeholders that help ensure their shopping center is a success. In addition,  participants will develop management and negotiation skills through practical exercises and exposure to key tool and best practices in shopping center management.

Key take-away of the session will include the following:
  • The Shopping Centre Asset and Managing the asset - an overview, how it adds value and what roles various department such as marketing, leasing, operation have to play.
  • The Merchandising Mix - the engine of business, leasing, leasing strategies and plans.
  • The Shopper Experience and its Importance. The role of marketing, customer service and specialty leasing play. How strategies and plans are developed.
  • Operation - The shows starts every morning and the critical role operations play in making sure that the plan is executed flawlessly, operations, maintenance, security etc.
  • The future of our business and the challenges we can expect to face and the expectations from Shopping Centre Professionals.
Register for the Spring Board Networking Event
What is MECSC Spring Board Networking Event?
The Spring Board Networking Event Program brings Retail Industry Professionals together in an environment to facilitate business development, knowledge-sharing and networking.

What is the format of the MECSC Spring Board Networking Event?
The format of Spring Board Networking Event can be customized based on input from MECSC Members. The event is actively promoted thorough the MECSC database and Social Media Networks. MECSC Members and event attendees are also encouraged to forward the invitation to those who would benefit from attending the event.

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