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July 2013 Stella Jarvis, daughter of NICHQ’s Tracy Munro
Removing the Burden of Care Coordination

In this month’s leadership message, Senior Manager of Communications Cindy Hutter reflects on a medical crisis exacerbated by a lack of care coordination, and how she finds hope in NICHQ’s work focused on patient advocacy, medical care transition and coordination.

Cindy Hutter, MBA

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In Other News

WEBINAR: Join a Healthy People 2020 webinar on measuring change in obesity prevention on July 24 at 2 p.m. EDT. more>>

RESEARCH: New study suggests possible link between autism and bacteria levels in kids’ digestive tracts. more>>

NICHQ visits the Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas. Check out a photo tour on Facebook. more>>

NICHQ’s Tom Dahlborg blogs about the importance of a healthcare system that protects the health of providers. more>>

RESEARCH: The Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved publishes two articles on NICHQ’s Healthy Weight Collaborative. more>>

The Baltimore Sun profiles Carlton Haywood, PhD, a leading sickle cell disease expert and a patient partner in NICHQ’s WISCH project. more>>

Our Areas of Focus
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Breastfeeding
- Infant Health Outcomes
- Medical Home
- Newborn Hearing
- Obesity
- Sickle Cell Disease

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Confronting Cultural Barriers to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding advocate and project faculty Kimarie Bugg, MSN, MPH, discusses some of the cultural obstacles many families face in regards to breastfeeding.

Kimarie Bugg, MSN, MPH
Community Art Tackles Community Health

A new community-made mural that reinforces healthy lifestyles while reflecting the community’s unique cultural and economic realities is driving family discussions about nutrition and physical activity in Somerville, Mass.

A close-up of the mural in Somerville
Dental Practices Sought for Pediatric Oral Health Project

Are you affiliated with a dental practice? NICHQ is working with DentaQuest Institute on a new oral health learning collaborative to reduce early childhood caries (tooth decay). This is your chance to work with national experts to improve disease management. Applications will be accepted through mid-August.
Image courtesy of newsusacontent on Flickr.

Girl brushing her teeth - image courtesy of newsusacontent on Flickr
Cultural Competency and the Medical Home

Pediatric medical practices in the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative are partnering with patients and families to ensure providers are delivering culturally sensitive, appropriate care.
Image courtesy of Nestlé on Flickr.

Cultural competency in healthcare - image courtesy of Nestlé on Flickr
Leaving the Pediatric Cocoon

Teams in NICHQ’s Working to Improve Sickle Cell Healthcare (WISCH) project are piloting the first set of sickle cell disease-specific guidelines designed to assist pediatric providers in preparing their patients to move to adult providers.
Image courtesy of Manue@PrettyKiku on Flickr.

Leaving the cocoon - image courtesy of Manue@PrettyKiku on Flickr
New Video!
Nobody Suspected: A Parent’s Perspective on Children’s Hearing Loss

Helen Cotton-Leiser, a parent partner in the Improving Hearing Screening and Interventions Systems (IHSIS) program discusses her experience of having two children with hearing loss and what led to her advocacy role.

Helen Cotton-Leiser, a parent partner in the IHSIS project
Quality Improvement Quiz

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A run chart helps to graphically display data from a test of change. Which one of these statements about run charts is false?

A. A run chart lets you communicate and understand variation
B. A run chart does not determine if changes made represent an improvement
C. A run chart displays data from key measures over time to make progress visible
D. A run chart illustrates if gains are held

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