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Congratulations to our IFMA GTC Award Winners!
IFMA Chapter Appreciation 2014 (125)

Rookie of the Year

Jon Rynearson joined the Community Outreach Committee in 2014 and was a participant in every committee event since joining the Chapter in June 2013.  He has been very active in supporting the Angel Tree project since joining the Chapter as well.  Jon represents Bland Landscaping and presented to the Chapter about their services at a Chapter meeting on short notice earlier this year. Jon is very much looking forward to help the Chapter prosper in many years to come.  Congratulations to Jon on this award! 

IFMA Chapter Appreciation 2014 (127)
Sponsor of the Year

Valleycrest was the 2014 IFMA GTC Sponsor of the year.  Valleycrest has been a Gold Sponsor the last two years and a Bronze Sponsor in years prior to that.  Both of their members, Nicole Murphy and Jay Manganaro actively serve in the Chapter.  Nicole is the Chair of the Networking and Events Committee and has been for the last two years, in addition to being an active member of the Golf Committee.  Jay is extremely active in the Community Outreach Committee.  We appreciate ValleyCrest allowing their people to commit their time to the Chapter, in addition to their funds.  Congratulations to Valleycrest Landscaping!

IFMA Chapter Appreciation 2014 (126)
Committee Member of the Year

Carlos Duran was recognized as the Committee member of the year for 2014.  Carlos has been a dedicated member of the Communications Committee for the last 3 years.  He has assisted as the Web Page Administrator, responsible for making the physical changes to the Chapter website.  He attended the Chapter board retreat as a second volunteer from the Communications Committee. He has coordinated the creation of the Sponsorship banners for the last two years and has always been willing to jump in and help in a bind.  Carlos exemplifies the definition of the Committee member of the year, and we are excited to give him this award. Congratulations Carlos!

IFMA Chapter Appreciation 2014 (128)

Associate of the Year

The IFMA GTC Associate Member of the year is Amanda Beck.  Amanda has been an active leader in the Membership Committee for the past few years.  As Scott Russell’s Co-Chair Amanda was the go to when needing information from the committee.  As Co-Chair this year, Amanda was asked to step up and take on additional responsibility and willingly accepted it.  Amanda was also awarded a partial scholarship to World Work Place and assisted Katie in the creation and development of the Chapter party at the event.  Congratulations to Amanda on her award!

IFMA Chapter Appreciation 2014 (131)
Professional Member of the Year

The IFMA GTC Professional Member of the year is Connie Drake.  Connie joined our chapter in 2010 and made an immediate impact receiving the Rookie of the Year Award in 2010.  Fast forward 4 more years, and she has continued to make a massive impact that has been felt and seen in all aspects of our Chapter.  In her tenure she has been responsible for driving the rollout of the new website, and then this year driving a redesign of our website, as well as leading the task force that brought the Chapter to CVENT as our new event platform.  She has been involved in the Communications committee since joining the Chapter, involved in multiple capacities from member to Chair and Co-Chair.   We would like to congratulate Connie on her award for Professional Member of the Year!  


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