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NICHQ News March 2014
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NICHQ is offering a new virtual learning program focused on how to implement skin-to-skin contact in a hospital setting. The program begins April 29. Seats are limited. Learn more and sign up today.
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Birght Spots video

Watch the University of Missouri team from NICHQ's Collaborative to Improve Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders share its proudest achievements from three years of collaborative work.
NICHQ Board member Kavita Patel, MD, pens the article, "Integrating Correctional and Community Health Care for Formerly Incarcerated People Who Are Eligible For Medicaid" in Health Affairs.
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Viewing Health As a System

NICHQ CEO Charlie Homer senses a growing movement to recognize the broad influences on health outcomes. To help propel the conversation, Homer shares his vision for a new, more complete model of the system that produces health. He invites you to join the conversation. Read More.

Health Care as Systems - Charlie Homer
Fathers Hold Key to Breastfeeding Support

A woman's decision to breastfeed typically occurs long before labor and delivery—sometimes even before she is pregnant. But her commitment to carry through frequently hinges on the opinion of someone often overlooked in breastfeeding education—the baby's father. Read More.

Dad being supported
4 Essential Elements for a Quality Improvement Culture

A quality improvement (QI) culture is one that seeks to continually improve outcomes. From large hospitals to boutique independent pediatric practices, organizations that reliably do this have similar qualities. Before you begin a QI project, make sure these four elements are in place. Read More.

Quality Improvement Checks
Care Teams Better Support Patients, Pediatric Practices

Pediatric practices in NICHQ's CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Project have been working to establish care teams within their practices to better support coordinated care. The impact, especially for children with complex healthcare needs, has been visible. Read More.

Lanyards From Teams

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