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Newsletter #4

Dear PLANHEAT community,

It is our pleasure to bring to your attention the 4th PLANHEAT newsletter.

It includes the latest information on upcoming trainings and events, our brand-new PLANHEAT videos as well as an interview with PLANHEAT city Lecce (Italy). In November and December this year we offer a new round of free heat planning trainings, this time not only webinars but also live trainings! Don't miss out and get your free training on Module 2. Please also already save the date for the final PLANHEAT event, which will take place during the Euroheat & Power Congress on 8 May, 2019 in the afternoon.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter edition and are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming trainings and events.

Best regards,

The PLANHEAT Team Members


Training sessions on Module 2 & E-Learning!

During the course of November and December 2018, training sessions on module 2 - how to map demand and supply using the PLANHEAT mapping module - will take place. Join us!


Southern Europe: 7 Nov. - 10:30 (CET) – register on the e-learning platform

Eastern Europe: 15 Nov. - 10:30 (CET) - register on the e-learning platform

Live trainings:

Delft University of Technology - 4 Dec. (tbc) – to register, contact Michiel Fremouw

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechincal Engineering and Naval Architecture -
4 Dec. – 13:00 (CET) – to register, contact
Hrvoje Dorotic

More information

E-Learning Platform

As a complementary learning experience, we also offer a free e-learning platform. Courses on Module 1 and Module 2 are already available.

Have you already tried them?

Check out the e-learning courses

Interactive Workshop on Heat Planning and Mapping in Europe (pre 4DH conference)

On 12 November from 13h to 16h, join fellow academics and researchers, industry and public sector representatives at a pre-event of the 4DH Conference in Aalborg to assess four ground-breaking tools for energy planning.

13:00 – Introduction

13:10 – Project pitches
13:30 – Interactive Session (part 1)
Coffee break
14:30 – Interactive Session (part 2)
15:45 – Wrap-up

The 4 projects PLANHEAT, THERMOS, HotMaps and Heat Roadmap Europe offer innovative approaches for the integration of sustainable heating and cooling infrastructure at European, national, regional and local levels.

In its own way, each project works to optimise thermal mapping and/or modelling tools to enable faster upgrade, refurbishment and expansion of existing systems, as well as tap into renewable sources and the potential of waste/excess heat.

Test each tool yourself, discover key features of each and see which serve the purpose of your organisation and your work! Secure your spot and register before 8 November.

Register here!

Interview with City of Lecce: Inspiring other Municipalities in the Salento Area

Lecce is a historic Italian city with 95,200 inhabitants and the main city in the Salento area. A Covenant of Mayors signatory since 2014 and active in a number of EU-funded projects Lecce is deeply committed to decarbonising its energy system.

Patrizia Guida who is the Municipal Councilor for Education, Europe and International Cooperation, spoke with PLANHEAT partner Euroheat & Power/ DHC+ Technology Platform.

Find out about their CO2 emissions goals, their involvement in PLANHEAT and SmartEnCity as well as how they want to lead by example and inspire other cities in their region.

Read the full interview


Check out our new PLANHEAT videos!

PLANHEAT - I'm Mr John

I'm Mr John

PLANHEAT – Let’s decarbonise your city’s heating & cooling system!

Let’s decarbonise your city’s heating & cooling system!

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