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OSHA assists in identifying and managing dairy farm hazards

Template OSHA update: As we go into the final days of 2020, please remember to be thankful for what you have and for the family and colleagues around you. Please also remember to help keep your family and co-workers safe. Many of you remember Ron Williams from the Syracuse office of OSHA who helped launch OSHA’s dairy safety outreach program in NYS several years back. Ron has retired and his replacement, Nick Donofrio, reached out to us a few weeks ago to get updated on dairy related safety efforts in NYS and what would be helpful going forward. We suggested that Nick start by writing an article reminding us all about the dairy dozen and include an update on what inspectors have been finding on dairy farms in NY and elsewhere around the country. We will be meeting with Nick early in the New Year to discuss other opportunities to collaborate.

Tonya Van Slyke and Karl Czymmek

New fact sheets from Dairy Environmental Systems

The following group of fact sheets describe the impact of antibiotic residuals, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and antibiotic-resistance genes in dairy manure on various manure treatment systems and the impact of these treatment systems on reducing antibiotic residues and antibiotic resistance. 

    • Antibiotic residuals and solid-liquid separation of dairy manure
    • Antibiotic residuals and composting of dairy manure
    • Antibiotic residuals and anerobic digestion of dairy manure
    • Fate of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in dairy manure treated by anaerobic digestion and composting
    • Fate of antibiotic-resistance genes in dairy manure treated by anaerobic digestion and composting
  • Biogas upgrading – desulfurization

Two fact sheets that complete the series on desulfurization of biogas that cover the biological and chemical anaerobic digester in-situ methods of reducing hydrogen sulfide.

Manager November 2020: Forward Business

The November 2020: Forward Business issue includes these articles:

  • Ahead of the curve: Assure dairy buyers and consumers about your social responsibility with farm employees, Richard Stup
  • Rising HR professionalism: Highly skilled strategic approaches for the long-term future, Julie Berry and Richard Stup
  • Should I use risk management tools? Evaluate your financial risk, Christopher Wolf and Jason Karszes
    Factors associated with variations in earnings. Comparison of selected measures and costs by quartile of earnings. 155 Dairy Farms, New York State, 2019, Jason Karszes
  • Transforming a black swan into a phoenix, David Kohl
  • Food waste in digesters, Peter Wright and Curt Gooch
  • Manure management to reduce greenhouse gases: What can dairy farms do?, Peter Wright and Curt Gooch

Save the Date
Critical Calf Care: Urgent Decision Making for Dairy Calf Health
Held weekly on Tuesday at 12:30 PM EDT, January 5 through Feburary 16, 2021
CCE Regional Ag Teams are offering a virtual calf care series at 12:30 PM EDT every Tuesday starting January 5, 2021. Sponsors have covered the cost of the program but registration is required.

Register at

  • Jan 5: Recognizing and diagnosing disease
  • Jan 12: Dystocia and difficult calvings
  • Jan 19: Record keeping and economics of disease
  • January 26: Hydration status and electrolytes
  • February 2: Scours and nutrition
  • February 9: 911 - My calf needs help!
  • February 16: Live panel discussion with Dr. Fernando Soberon (Standard Nutrition Consultants), Dr. Rodrigo Molano Torres (Valacta), Dr. Laura Rath-Brown (Midstate Veterinary Services), Dr. Jen Walker (Danone North America), and a local NY dairy producer.

Virtual CCE Dairy Day
Held daily from noon to 2 PM EDT, January 12 through January 15, 2021
Sponsored by Northern New York Agricultural Development Program

Register for CCE Dairy Day

  • Jan 12: Milk Quality
  • Jan 13: Industry Sustainability
  • Jan 14: Dairy Markets and Labor
  • Jan 15: Calf Management

2021 Virtual Operations Managers Conference Series: Embracing Excellence
Held weekly on Thursdays, 12:00 to 2:00 PM EDT, January 28 through February 18, 2021
Presented by PRO-DAIRY and NEDPA, Operations Managers Conference Series provides the opportunity for the people responsible for day to day activities on dairy farms to increase their management and operations skills. Each weekly two-hour session will include a general kick-off presentation and attendee’s choice of one technical breakout session in the area of dairy, crop, or human resource management. One breakout session each week will be offered in Spanish. All sessions will be recorded and available to conference registrants. Registrants will also have access to additional presentation content and networking opportunities in a conference app.

Link to full event information. Registration cost is $100 per person (unique email addresses are required to register and access the event).

Highlighted sessions include:

  • Leading for Employee Recruitment, Satisfaction and Retention – Stan Moore, Michigan State University Extension
  • Lessons Learned in Safety and Compliance Off the Farm – Panel Discussion
  • Welfare of Dairy Cattle: Relevance to the Animal, the Producer and the Consumer – Dr. Jennifer Van Os, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dry Period Heat Stress: Effects on Dam and Daughter – Dr. Geoff Dahl, University of Florida
  • The Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Team (presented in English and Spanish – Tom Wall, Dairy Coach LLC
  • Protecting Your Farm from HR Violations – Dr. Rich Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development
  • Getting Heifers Off to a Great Start (presented in Spanish) – Dr. Fernando Soberon, Standard Dairy Consultants
  • Is There a Link Between Bedding and Milk Quality? (presented in Spanish) – Dr. Paula Ospina, Lechear

PRO-DAIRY Forage Management online course
Held January 15 through March 15, 2021
Cornell PRO-DAIRY is offering an online Forage Management Course January 15 through March 15, 2021. Registration is $265.00 per person. A discount of $25 applies for registrations competed before January 2.

Link to Forage Management Course information

The Forage Management Course will begin with agronomic factors that influence forage quality and follow key strategies for harvest, preservation and feed out of quality feed. It will be valuable for decision makers and key employees in the cropping and feeding system on the farm. The course will include a mix of basic “101” level material combined with more advanced concepts and recent research findings.

Registration open for Transitioning to Supervisor course
This is the course you’ve been waiting for: how to lead people in your farm business! Learn the essential skills for supervising more effectively and creating a great place to work.

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development has opened registration for a six-week course titled “Transitioning to Supervisor,” which is part of a new Agricultural Supervisory Leadership certificate program. The course begins January 28 with an introduction to the curriculum and use of the web-based platform, Moodle. Cost is $275. Class size is limited to 30 participants.

Link to Transitioning to Supervisor course information

Supervisors are critical to the success of farm businesses. They have a major impact both on employees’ daily work experiences and on the production performance of the business. The Agricultural Supervisory Leadership certificate helps farm supervisors and managers learn and apply human resource management practices and leadership skills that foster rewarding workplaces and drive business results. Confident managers who thoughtfully apply leadership and management skills improve employee performance, develop teams, reduce employee turnover, and increase employee engagement. The courses within the certificate program will offer extensive practice and engagement activities to build confidence and skill sets.

Who should attend? This course, and the whole certificate series, is appropriate for both new and experienced farm supervisors and managers, and those preparing to become supervisors. All participants will learn leadership concepts and practice skills that will improve their ability to build a positive workplace and get results through leading others.

The first course “Transitioning to Supervisor” helps new and experienced managers make the difficult, but critical, transition from individual performer to supervisor. Participants learn essential leadership skills, such as: building effective work relationships, essential communication skills, managing conflict, leading a multi-cultural team, and how to build an effective workplace culture. From the comfort of your home or office, watch prerecorded presentations on your own schedule, and engage with classmates and instructors during weekly, live discussion sessions. Corresponding assignments are due each week. To get the most out of the experience, expect to spend approximately two hours per week on lessons and assignments.

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