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NICHQ News May 2016
Improving Care For High-Risk Babies Starts With Location
The Illinois Department of Public Health is working with perinatal centers and parents to ensure that pre-term babies are born in specialized perinatal facilities, which can lead to better health outcomes for high-risk children.
  Baby Sleeping In Hospital

6 Tips To Encourage Pilot Sites to Collect QI Data
Engaging pilot sites to test out change ideas and collect data is one of the best ways to learn how to make change at a local level. Encourage your pilot sites to boost their data collection efforts with these tips.

  QI Tips Encouraging Pilot Site

Prenatal Education Goes Mobile With New App
Wyoming Medicaid is using a smartphone app to give expectant mothers better access to prenatal education. It's helped to improve health outcomes by decreasing low-birth weight babies, cesarean sections and NICU admission.
  Pregnancy Apps Help Mothers

Telementoring Improves Care for Sickle Cell Patients
Telementoring is connecting sickle cell disease experts with local healthcare providers to help close gaps in care and reduce travel for patients with sickle cell disease seeking specialized care.
  Telementoring Strategies

Medical-Legal Partnerships Seek to Reduce Infant Mortality
Partnerships between some of Delaware's healthcare providers and legal practitioners seek to resolve health risks, like housing insecurity, through legal resolutions. 
  Medical Legal Help To Reduce Stressors During Pregnancy

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