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Depicting Science, Engineering, and Technology
Character Development

Engineering in Entertainment

Last year EIC honored accurate depictions of S.E.T. related issues during the inauguralS.E.T. Awards. One of those honorees was Iron Man 2, about a superhero who uses inventions like his iron suit to save the world. Tony Stark, Iron Man’s alter ego, is an engineer whose rock star lifestyle is a far cry from what many would stereotypically consider a typical engineer!

Showing a new side of these careers is the first step to engaging future generations to pursue them.

Characters in science, engineering and technology (S.E.T.) have taken on a new form. They are today’s superheroes, detectives, and problem solvers.

Incorporating characters involved in the S.E.T. fields is not only a unique storyline detail, it is also incredibly engaging for the audience. Just think of movies like Iron Man, Real Steel, and Armageddon, or TV shows like Big Bang Theory, Bones, and CSI. It's no coincidence that two of the three highest grossing films of all time, Avatar and The Avengers, deal with characters who are scientists, engineers, and technologists. Their fields are adventurous and rich if you know how to make the most of them.

When designing your characters consider this:

  • Scientists and engineers are creative problem solvers; they take a look at an everyday issue (or a not-so-everyday one) and work to make it better.
  • Women are incredibly involved in these fields and young women need additional role models to look up to. When considering occupations for your female characters look into the fields related to science, engineering, and technology.
  • Keep in mind the variety of careers related to science, engineering, and technology; there truly is an option for every character and storyline situation you can imagine.
  • Remember that there is no such thing as a typical engineer and consider ways that your exisiting characters could highlight this occupation.

Engineers - Who are they?

Engineers are a diverse bunch. With a wide variety of unique specialties and fields an engineer can easily fit into almost any storyline! Here are just a few examples... Which of these would fit into your next storyline?

Aerospace Engineers 
Specialize in the design, construction, and
maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft.

Biomedical Engineers
Specialize in the application of engineering
concepts into various aspects of medical
diagnosis, treatment, and health services.

Chemical/Biological Engineers
Specialize in the application of physical science
(chemistry and physics) with mathematics, to
the process of converting raw materials and
chemicals into more valuable forms.

Computer Engineers
Specialize in the design, planning, development,
testing, and even the manufacturing of computer
hardware as well as operating systems and other
computer software.

Electrical Engineers
Possess fundamental and practical knowledge of
electronic devices and circuits, electromagnetic
fields, electronic materials, digital signals and
systems, computers and many forms of electronic

Civil & Environmental Engineers

Specialize in the planning, design, construction,
and operation of physical structures and facilities
present in modern society. These structures include
but are not limited to: bridges, tunnels, 
aiports, harbors, highways, buildings, etc.


Industrial Engineers
As the bridge between management goals and
optimal performance, these engineers specialize
in determining the most effective ways to utilize
basic factors of production -- people, machines,
materials, and energy -- to make a product or
provide a service.

Mechanical Engineers
Specialize in the analysis, design,
manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical
systems associated with modern life such as
home appliances, snowboards, iPods, hybrid
automobiles, and many more.

Nuclear Engineers
Specialize in the research and development of the
processes, instruments, and systems for national
laboratories, private industry, and universities that
derive benefits from nuclear energy such as power

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Startling Statistics

The time is NOW to engage future generations in science, engineering, and technology and using entertainment as the medium is a great way to start!
  • 43%: Share of 2010 U.S. high school graduates who are ready for college-level math.
  • 29%: Share of 2010 U.S. high school students who are ready for college-level science.
  • Science, engineering and technology is the second fastest-growing occupational group, second only to healthcare.

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