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February 2017

Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Accountability and Accreditation School/District Reporting Requirements

Please note the December 2016 memo detailing Accountability and Accreditation reporting requirements.  Entities are required to submit the online reports (during the designated timeframes) which are accessible through the AdvancED ASSIST™ website.

Improvement Plan Assurance Quick Guide

As schools continue working on School Improvement Plans, users may find the Improvement Plan Assurance Quick Guide helpful. Please contact the School Improvement Support Unit at MDE if you need further guidance.

eProve™ surveys Information

Every school head of institution should have access to eProve™ surveys and rights to manage users.  When users are on the survey landing page, click on the Menu icon in the top-left corner to access the menu.  Click on Manage Users and it gives you an option to add users.  You can choose the level of permissions at that time as well.

The invitation does expire, so if someone was added and did not accept the invitation, they will have to be re-invited.  The dotted icon next to the user record allows you to edit the user status.  
For additional guidance regarding the use of eProve surveys, please go to the AdvancED/MDE website and click on the Surveys tab.

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