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APRIL 2020
Fall 2020 Michigan Department of Education Continuous Improvement Conference

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will host the Fall 2020 Continuous Improvement Conference at the Lansing Center on October 19–20. On day one, keynote speaker Dr. Seena Skelton, Director of the Great Lakes Equity Center, will address the conference theme, Equity for Continuous Improvement: Opportunities, Environments, and Supports. Dr. Skelton has garnered more than 15 years of experience working in the areas of systems change, school improvement, and educational equity, including with the Michigan Department of Education. One day two, participants will experience the Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) in the new platform.

On both days, attendees will have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions by fellow educators on a variety of topics that integrate equity and continuous improvement, including:

  • Supporting Marginalized Populations
  • Addressing Equity Through a Positive Climate and Collaborative Culture
  • Creating Systems for Equity and Continuous Improvement
  • Considering Data Using an Equity Lens
  • Creating Equity Through High-Quality Instruction
  • Supporting Equitable Opportunities by Addressing the Whole Child
  • Addressing Equity Through Family Engagement
  • Implementing Leadership for Equity and Continuous Improvement

To register for the conference or to submit an RFP, visit this website.

School Improvement Support Unit

The MDE School Improvement Support Unit provides technical assistance and support for ASSIST users. For detailed instructions on submitting reports, please see the Resources section found on the Cognia Michigan Help and Support website. Note that there are tabs for Schools, Districts, and Quick Guides along with additional information. Please contact our office if you need further assistance.

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