ReUseHeat Project - Newsletter #4

Let's not waste heat!


We would not throw food away, so why would we waste freely available heat?

ReUseHeat chose to focus on four large scale demonstrators, showing the technical feasibility and economic viability of excess heat recovery and reuse from data centres, sewage collectors, a hospital cooling system and an underground station. This H2020 project aims to overcome both technical and non-technical barriers towards the unlocking of urban waste heat recovery investments across Europe.

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Data Centres

The data centre has an extensive cooling demand, producing excess heat - which will be fed to a low temperature district heating network


Underground Transport

Waste heat produced in the tunnel and a metro station will be recovered and reused in a private district heating network


Waste Water Management

An integrated urban planning concept will include the innovative recovery of waste heat from a sewage system


Tertiary Buildings

An advanced solution based on heat recovery from a hospital's cooling production process will be linked to the nearby district heating



ReUseHeat stakeholder webinar on business models

Do you want to learn more about investments in urban waste heat recovery? Become part of the ReUseHeat stakeholder group and take part in our business models webinar on Friday, 27 September 2019, at 10:00 CEST.

* The involvement of building owners is particularly encouraged!


ReUseHeat policy workshop: How to ensure waste heat recovery investments?

ReUseHeat is organising a policy workshop in order to have an open and interactive debate on the current regulatory framework, to present the most innovative projects in the field and to discuss financial support and guarantees for urban waste heat recovery projects.

The event will take place on 2 October 2019, in Sofitel Brussels Europe.


New ReUseHeat partner and demonstration site

Ochsner Process Energy Systems GmbH (OPES) joined the ReUseHeat project team. OPES aims to develop an innovative heat recovery that can reuse the waste heat from the tunnel and station in the metro network in Berlin. This demonstrator in Berlin will replace the originally planned demo site in Bucharest.


Become a ReUseHeat replication case!

If you are interested in replicating one of the ReUseHeat solutions, we invite you to fill in the survey on urban excess heat sources. If your project is suitable, ReUseHeat partners will contact you to provide a free pre-feasibility study and to assess a replication and investment plan.

Take a chance now!



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 767429

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